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Managing all of your customers on TaxDome is a breeze. All of
your important documents and action items for a client are
readily at your fingertips.

Unlimited Contacts

Managing all of your firm’s customers and associated contacts is easy thanks to tools that quickly help you organize and filter for exactly what you are looking for.

Everything you need to know to make progress on client work is all in one spot. It’s all readily accessible and impeccably organized. There is no limit on number of contacts so your cost will not change as your firm grows.

Centralized Hub

Find the clients that currently require action in one centralized hub. Manage your staff workload to ensure every engagement is handled in a timely manner.

Perform bulk actions to clients of your choice with one click-of-the-mouse.

Targeted & Personalized
Bulk Emails

Using your existing email, send emails directly from TaxDome to one or multiple clients simultaneously.

Link Contacts & Accounts

One account can have many contacts (family members, co-workers) and one contact can have many accounts (business person with 5 companies). You have full control and all information is easily accessible.

Import Tools

Easily import account & contact data from other systems & spreadsheets.

Custom Fields

Create your own custom fields to ensure you have the data you need in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I import all my clients?

    We have an import tool for that. You’ll decide whether you want to only import your contacts or also create accounts.
  • Can I migrate all my current SmartVault client data to TaxDome?

    Yes, from SmartVault or any other service. You can import your client base via a CSV file and bulk upload documents as well.
  • When I import my clients, will TaxDome automatically email them?

    No, you can either manually select clients you want to send invitations to or use the bulk option when you’re ready.
  • Are there any limitations to the number of clients or accounts you can have?

    You can have an unlimited amount of clients, accounts, storage space, and e-signature usage. You pay only per user (you and your team members).
  • How can I filter my clients?

    We have a bunch of filter options such as for assigned team members, tasks, recent activity, and more. And you can also filter by using our customizable tags.
  • Can I create custom tags?

    Definitely. You can create your own tags to quickly and easily filter your clients. And you can also bulk apply tags.
  • Does TaxDome integrate with Salesforce or other CRM systems?

    You can use Zapier to sync contacts between the two.
  • Can nonclients (i.e., business associates) be added to a CRM system account and linked to clients?

    Sure, each account can have as many contacts as you need, and you can control whether the contacts have access (a login) to the account or not.
  • How are interactions with clients stored in TaxDome?

    Once you sync email and set up accounts, all emails and messages are automatically stored in your client accounts. Files clients send you are automatically saved in their accounts. If you use Zapier, you can also connect your VOIP system, calendar, or emailing service to TaxDome, and contact info will be synced automatically.
  • When I link QuickBooks, will all my clients be imported to TaxDome?

    After you import into TaxDome, your client accounts will automatically sync with your QuickBooks Online customers.
  • If I add new clients, do I have to add them on both TaxDome and QuickBooks Online?

    You’ll have the option to map new clients to existing QuickBooks Online clients or to create new ones inside QuickBooks Online.

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