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About Us

Our Values

  • Fortitude: We are committed to the long term (10+ years) ; that kind of longevity is built on a strong foundation of organic growth, which is slower to foster, but much more sturdy.
  • Sustainability: Our business believes in taking the time to build a model that ensures all stakeholders get what they want today and tomorrow.
  • Balance: We build software to make your day to day easier; and we stress the importance of a positive environment internally, too; where progress and passtime coexist.
  • Focus: Everything we do is in service of people: our team, our clients and our clients’ clients. It is our purpose to provide real solutions for real people.
  • Pragmatism: Sure, we’re tech nerds, but we are careful to not chase the latest «tech bells-and-whistles» for its own sake. We always choose the tested route optimized for end results.
  • Usefulness: We exist to solve our clients’ problems. Whether it’s helping our clients unlock their firms’ true potential or helping their customers save time.
  • Simplicity: We believe Albert Einstein said it best when he said, «Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.»

And that is why this document has only 7 points.

Signature Victor Radzinsky
Victor Radzinsky
CEO, TaxDome