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Secure email integration

Sync any email provider with TaxDome for complete transparency of every client interaction across your team.

Secure email integration

Seamless communication

Minimise busy work and communicate efficiently

Boost productivity and foster team collaboration by allowing your team to work in a single mailbox with a shared overview of all email threads. All communication with a client is in one place — when an employee takes days off or leaves your firm, you can easily pick up where they left off or reassign the work.

Automate email communication

Send emails automatically when triggered by a specific action: client settled invoice, e-signed document, etc. With schedulers and email templates, communication becomes a breeze whether you’re sending emails one by one or in bulk. Watch as workflows streamline, freeing up your staff’s time to serve clients with care, all while maintaining that human touch.

Shared mailbox

Sync your existing email with TaxDome so your team can collaborate within a shared inbox. No more Cc or Bcc on emails.

Bulk communication, personalized

Effortlessly reach out to multiple clients by sending emails in bulk. Whether it’s sharing important updates or notifying them about upcoming deadlines, TaxDome allows you to create templates and personalise emails using shortcodes. Each client will receive an individualised email and will not know the other recipients.

Save attachments, organise documents

If clients email you documents, save them directly to the client profile as if they uploaded it themselves. There is also the option to automatically save all attachments in the client profile.

Automate email communication
Shared mailbox
Brittnie Eiden,

I have all of my clients' emails synced so I don’t have to go through my personal mailbox to find all of their emails - it comes all into my inbox at TaxDome. I can check through them and I know that those are important because they are from paying clients, and it’s not going to get filtered out by somebody else that is just there asking, or spam emails that come through, or anything like that.

owner of Eiden Tax&Accounting

Randy Joseph and Deva Hetrick,

We keep all client communication in TaxDome. Instead of constantly sifting through hundreds of email threads in Gmail or Outlook, the team now has quick access to communications for the whole project.

Randy Joseph and Deva Hetrick,

Sydney H. Highley,

People would email us or call us, ‘Hey, I am just checking on my return, can you let us know what the status is?’ We tried to stay ahead of the waves. TaxDome helped us with automatic emails with my videos: ‘Your taxes have been prepared but they are now in review. Stay tuned.’ It’s probably the best software I’ve ever used in my entire career.


Emails integrated into your workflow

All your firm correspondence is stored and viewed in one central hub connected to your CRM. TaxDome automatically links emails to the respective accounts so you have a full overview of everything that’s happening with each client.

Full email sync

Full email sync

Every email between your firm and clients is in one shared inbox

Email templates

Email templates

Customise and personalise to fit your firm’s needs

Send later

Send later

Schedule the right email to be sent at the right time

Print email threads

Print email threads

Make hard copies of emails whenever needed

Custom signature

Custom signature

Add your brand to every email you send

Attach files

Attach files

Add images, documents from your TaxDome or computer

Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalised support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customised plan based on your firm size, services, and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training

Available in the Pro plan.

Implementation & team training included

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

Can I sync my whole email history with TaxDome?

Yep! All email history with your contacts will be pulled in automatically. When you view a client account on TaxDome, prior correspondence between your team and the client will automatically populate.

When I create an email in Outlook, does it go to TaxDome?

Yes, everything you do in Outlook, Gmail, or with other email providers can be synced with TaxDome.

If an email is sent from TaxDome, will a copy be sent to Outlook or other email providers?

Yes, TaxDome works as a front end for email. But instead of overwhelming you with emails in a single inbox, it organises them by client account.

Will all of my emails go through TaxDome or just emails TaxDome recognizes as being from clients?

The latter. When the email-sync toggle is turned on, you’ll be able to see everything in the email section and in Inbox+ (the smart notification center).

I have a couple of clients in my networking group and don’t need the emails for them in their TaxDome accounts.

We have a “mute” button so that any emails that are not relevant won’t show up in the client email history.

How can I see all emails from both parties of a married couple in one account if they use multiple email addresses?

You can have both members of the married couple under one account. If each person has two email addresses, you can include all four email accounts in one client account. You control the toggle for each email address that you want them to be able to use for logging in, getting notifications, and receiving email.

Can I use TaxDome to send emails?

Definitely. You can send emails directly from your TaxDome account, and you can avoid redundant work by sending personalised emails in bulk. When you have lots of emails going out on the same date, you can schedule them in advance. You can also set up your pipeline so that emails are sent automatically when the job reaches a certain stage.

Can I send bulk emails?

Sure. Go to the client list, filter the client list (you can use tags to sort clients), bulk-select the clients, then send the email.

Can I customize the emails I send to clients?

Yes, emails are fully customizable and include full HTML editing. You can also include your own branding, such as your logo.

How do I send automated emails to clients?

Absolutely, by scheduling emails or adding templates to your pipeline. Whenever a job gets to a certain stage in the pipeline, the email will be sent automatically. For example, as soon as you start work on a client’s tax return, you can have a customized template email sent to them automatically that says something like “We’ve begun working on your return!”

Can I set a date for when an email needs to be sent?

Yes, you can schedule emails to be sent anytime later. More on scheduling emails for later.