Osallistu päivittäin järjestettäviin webinaareihin, jotta pääset vauhtiin TaxDomen käyttöönoton kanssa ja opit lisää automaatioista, laskutuksesta ja tiimien hallinnasta

A secure place to manage and store documents

A centralized hub to store, manage and share documents securely with tax, accounting and bookkeeping clients. Keep your files organized and accessible in one convenient place that also includes e-signatures, a client portal and CRM.

A secure place to manage and store documents
Amanda Kendall

I am a paperless office, and having an easy-to-use, secure way to access client documents at any time has been a big selling point for me. TaxDome has unlimited storage that doesn’t eat up when clients upload pictures.

Founder of Elevating Profits

Dane Janas

My admin finds TaxDome AWESOME to use. Getting the finished returns inside TaxDome with the Windows App & Virtual Drive is super easy.

Founder of Boundless Tax

Darren Dowdell,

Last year was a headache. My admin time was taking up nearly half of the day. I realized how ridiculous this was. And my clients – they were confused with all of the systems I was using to communicate with them. That was when TaxDome came in. I just loved the all-in-one approach.

Stefanie Papini

The thing that really sold me was the print to TaxDome function — when I was printing a tax return, I could print it right to the client’s folder in TaxDome. When I discovered the (Z:) drive, that changed everything too because it’s way more convenient and makes everything much more seamless.

CPA in Toronto

Keep your documents in one secure place

Secure, unlimited document storage

Upload files directly from your computer or tax program to your cloud-based portal and securely store client documents without any limitations.

Centralized file management

Accommodate all firm and client files in one document management system. Organized by the client, your team can easily access and collaborate on the documents they need to work on.

Smart desktop assistant

Enhance your document flow with TaxDome’s Windows desktop app. Effortlessly upload documents and folders from your computer directly to your client accounts. Connect documents to specific jobs, upload folders in bulk and lock documents to invoices.

View and edit files from Window Explorer

TaxDome virtual drive becomes a dedicated drive on your computer — you can manage all documents from it, freeing up space on your computer. Upload manually or in bulk; copy and move files and folders; edit docs locally and auto-save changes directly to TaxDome.

Integrated with all tax software

Print documents from any tax program (TaxAct, Drake, UltraTax, etc.) directly into TaxDome, eliminating redundant data entry.

Unlimited cloud-based storage

Securely store documents in the TaxDome cloud, without limits or extra costs.

Centralized file management
Smart desktop assistant
Unlimited cloud-based storage

Firms effectively manage their practice with TaxDome

Discover how our clients reduced their paperwork and achieved seamless document flow by incorporating TaxDome into their practices.

Accurant LLC experience

Athene Group experience: managing a team of 100+ staff across 10 offices in 3 countries

Before TaxDome we used one system for handling sensitive documents (GDPR), one system for sharing documents, one system for task management, one system for time-tracking… Packing that into a single system instead of 10 different ones is great.


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Polaris Tax & Accounting

Polaris Tax & Accounting: laajennus hankinnan jälkeen 50 asiakkaasta yli 1500 asiakkaaseen

Meidän ei tarvitse huolehtia ulkoisista asemista tietoja varten. Meidän ei tarvitse huolehtia digitaalisen allekirjoituksen ohjelmistotoimittajasta. On vain helpompaa, että kaikki on yhdellä alustalla.


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Get files from clients in a blink

Integrated with the client portal

TaxDome offers a document management hub that is integrated with the client portal and CRM. It provides a multitude of simple and secure ways to receive documents from your clients and third parties.

Clients upload docs without login

Give your clients the flexibility to upload files without logging on. Once they upload documents, your team receives a notification.

Third-party sharing

Need to forward an important document to a lawyer or a financial advisor? Securely share documents with third parties and provide expiring links for added security measures.

Streamline client feedback

Eliminate manual back and forth with approvals: allow clients to provide feedback directly in the interface.

Requesting documents in TaxDome
Third-party sharing in TaxDome
Document approval request in TaxDome
Automates payment

Reduce accounts receivable by locking documents to invoices

Ensure you get paid for the work you do. You have the option of locking documents to invoices. Documents unlock automatically as soon as the invoice is paid. This feature:

Automates payment collection

Ensures that your work is paid

Improves your billing processes

Arrange your files in a way that suits you best

Organize files and folders

Create folder templates, control access rights, assign document statuses and apply filters to find files faster.

File permissions for increased security

Control who has access to which folders, and what permissions they have. Choose from three different access levels to safeguard the work you share.

Folder templates

Apply templates with one click or by using automations. Have your folders templates ready and apply them to new and existing accounts to streamline the process of organizing client documents.

Create predefined folder structure

Organize documents by year, type of service, assigned employee — whatever works for your practice. Move docs to folders inside the client profile or change folder visibility settings.

Document status

Statuses are color-coded tags that show you what stage a document is in, such as “Signed” or “Pending Approval.” Statuses make it easier to access the documents you need — filter your documents by status to view all the ones awaiting payment or requiring a signature. Statuses play a role in automating tasks related to document management.

Search and filter

Filters help you to find specific docs that were recently worked on. For example, you can search for all recent documents for a certain account.

File permissions in TaxDome
Folder templates in TaxDome
Creating predefined folder structure
Document statuses in TaxDome
Applying filters in TaxDome
Built-in PDF-editor

Native PDF editor

Bypass Adobe, NitroPDF and other paid tools by using TaxDome’s native PDF editor. No need to download and upload — everything is auto-saved within TaxDome.

Merge and annotate PDFs

Leave notes and revise

Send fillable PDF forms to your clients

Make e-signing easy for clients

Unlimited integrated e-signatures

Experience the convenience of unlimited e-signatures integrated with the client portal. Your clients can upload documents, review and approve them, and then e-sign them all from one, user-friendly, custom-branded client portal.

Request e-signatures from clients

Add the e-signature request to the documents you upload via the portal or the desktop app. Specify where you want them to e-sign, include fields for both the taxpayer and their spouse. Set up reminders to make sure clients don’t forget to sign.

KBA available (IRS requirement)

The IRS has strict requirements for e-signatures, and TaxDome fully meets them. Utilize knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to stay fully compliant, at a cost well below industry standard ($1).

Sign from any device

Allow your clients to e-sign from any device, from desktop or mobile app, for a faster turnaround and a better customer experience.

Create dependency — trigger emails and tasks after e-signature completed

Set jobs to move to the next stage of the workflow automatically once e-signature is complete. Customize dependencies by client, by service, by department.

Request e-signatures from clients
KBA available (IRS requirement)
Signing documents from any device
Automated e-signatures in TaxDome

Centralized hub for firm & client documents

Connect the entire lifecycle of your internal documents and client-facing documents with client and team activities and seamlessly manage your practice with minimum clicks and maximum productivity.

PDF editor

PDF editor

Merge PDFs, highlight, make notes or send fillable PDF forms to your clients

Сloud storage

Сloud storage

Store your practice documents securely, with no limits or additional costs

Desktop app

Desktop app

Upload documents from your computer directly to your client accounts

Virtual drive

Virtual drive

Manage all documents, freeing up space on your computer

Folder templates

Folder templates

Apply templates with one click or through automations

Share with third parties

Share with third parties

Securely share documents with third parties and provide expiring links

Unlimited e-signatures

Unlimited e-signatures

E-signatures integrated with the client portal

Bank-level security

Bank-level security

A secure home for your firm’s valuable documents

Streamline your firm's document workflow

Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalized support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customized plan based on your firm size, services, and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training
Top-notch client service

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

What is document management software for accountants?

Document management software designed for accountants and bookkeepers centralizes organization, storage, and collaboration around client files. It enables creating, uploading, sharing, editing, e-signing, and automated workflows for tax documents, financial statements, contracts and more.

Is TaxDome document storage compliant with information protection legislation?

TaxDome offers the most secure client portal available on the market. We employ ten industry standards to keep your data safe and secure.

How do you back up data?

TaxDome provides end-to-end security and built-in privacy features, and your data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our team takes additional proactive measures to ensure that backups are continuous and data can be restored multiple times, on multiple servers, and at point within the backup retention period.

What if I want to maintain a separate copy of my data?

The data is always yours, we simply hold it for you. Using the TaxDome Drive you can easily copy over all documents directly within your Windows Explorer. You can export accounts and contacts to a CSV file or use Zapier integration to link it to other systems.

Where is my data stored?

The storage location depends on your country: if you’re in Canada, your data is stored in Canadian AWS. This way all local regulations are met.