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Accessibility Statement

Making TaxDome accessible to a broader range of people is not merely about technical compliance. Inclusion is important to us, and that extends beyond our own team to all of our customers.

Our accessibility principles

  • Set clear goals: We aim to meet or exceed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A(WCAG 2.1 A) across TaxDome. We have work still to do, but we are moving toward that goal.
  • Regularly measure our progress: We check our product accessibility through two key methods. First, a formal quality assurance process is used throughout product design and development. Manual and automated testing help us catch and correct accessibility issues earlier. Second, we have a third-party accessibility expert regularly evaluate our products and report on their findings.
  • Build accessibility in: Our team is working through a prioritized list of known accessibility issues, and we have made addressing those issues a measurable part of TaxDome’s goals each quarter.
  • Train our staff: True accessibility won’t come from filling out checklists. We must know the varied ways different people use our products and how the work we do will help or hinder them. So we’re training our team to understand accessibility as central to a successful product instead of as an afterthought.
  • Listen to feedback: We want to hear from you about any accessibility issues you find while using TaxDome. Please email with relevant details, and we will take a look. We aim to respond to you within two business days.



Last updated September 21, 2023