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Integrate secure payment processing into your workflow

Seamlessly accept payments online by connecting your TaxDome account to Stripe and CPACharge.

TaxDome offers secure payment processing

With TaxDome I got rid of DocuSign, PayPal, and Wave Accounting, my old practice management app. TaxDome isn’t just a CRM — it’s a portal, it’s signatures, it’s billing — everything is all in one place.

Cassandra Centeno,

Owner of Total Tax Services

Cassandra Centeno recommends TaxDome for practice and secure online payment management. Cassandra Centeno recommends TaxDome for practice and secure online payment management.

Streamline your invoicing process

CPACharge and Stripe payment integrations offer you a more convenient way to charge clients virtually via credit card or ACH payments. All transactions are handled within your firm’s client portal on TaxDome: clients easily settle invoices and receive automated reminders if they forget to do so.

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TaxDome provides secure payment solutions for your clients

Customizable payment settings

Set preferred payment methods for your clients: credit card, ACH or both.

TaxDome allows choosing a preferred secure online payment method

Automatic sync with QuickBooks Online

Get paid in your white-labeled TaxDome portal and payment details will sync directly to QuickBooks Online.

TaxDome allows to accept secure payments and automatically sync them with QuickBooks Online

No more ‘accounts receivable’

By linking your TaxDome account with CPACharge and Stripe, you can increase your cash flow — just enable the option to lock documents to invoices. Your clients will be able to download or print documents only when payment is settled.

 Enable TaxDome's secure payment services and get paid faster

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I accept payments on TaxDome?

    Definitely. You can accept payments via credit cards or ACH. We utilize two vendors: Stripe and CPACharge (we’ll be adding more) and integrate with QuickBooks Online. When you create an invoice, it will automatically flow to QuickBooks Online and as soon as it is paid, the invoice will automatically update. In addition, your clients will be able to pay through your white-labeled portal.
  • Are there additional fees to invoice and receive payments to clients?

    No, TaxDome does not charge any fees. You have unlimited contacts, clients, signatures, storage, and bills. Please see our help article for details on vendor processing fees.
  • Can I process credit cards manually over the phone or in the office?

    Yes, you can manually enter credit card details for a transaction.
  • Can clients make prepayments?

    Yes, clients can make prepayments any time via a button on their client portal.

TaxDome is the official partner of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).