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Integrate secure payment processing into your workflow

Seamlessly accept payments online by connecting your TaxDome account to Stripe or CPACharge. Easily accept credit/debit cards, including Google Pay and bank debit payments through TaxDome’s secure integrated processors.

Secure payment processing
Tranika Warner

For invoices, I do use TaxDome reminders if invoices are unpaid. I’ve also integrated my QuickBooks, so it’s all automatically synced. Huge time saver! It’s really easy to categorize the payments. We are also using the function that allows you to lock documents to bills: I can lock documents to make sure I get paid!

Founder of TMW Financial Solutions

Cassandra Centeno

With TaxDome I got rid of DocuSign, PayPal and Wave Accounting, my old practice management app. TaxDome isn’t just a CRM — it’s a portal, it’s signatures, it’s billing — everything is all in one place.

Owner of Total Tax Services

Matt Metras

The ability to sign and pay directly in the TaxDome client portal has been very well received by my clients.

Founder of MDM Financial Services

Accept credit card or bank debits in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe

Apple Pay
Goole Pay
ACH Payments
BECS payments
PADS payments

Accelerate payments

Get paid faster with integrated payment processing

Connect TaxDome to Stripe or CPACharge to accept payments online faster and in a secure way. Reduce the number of clicks and logins your clients need to remember. Let clients pay directly from email via direct link. Simplify invoice settlements payment uploads and secure messaging, all in one portal.

Choose how you wish to get paid

For a $50 invoice, you may want the client to choose, but for a $50,000 invoice, you may want to accept only bank payments.

Consolidate systems, organize invoicing

Process all payments directly within your custom-branded client portal — provide your clients with a time-saving method for managing payments, without switching to other tools. Automatically invoice and charge customers on a set schedule. Get paid faster for your recurring projects (bookkeeping, payroll, tax prep) to keep your revenue stream flowing.

Automatic sync with QuickBooks Online

Create payments and invoices in TaxDome — and they will automatically sync with QuickBooks Online. There, you can access all payment details, such as the transaction date, payment status and services specified in the invoice. Multiple currencies available: USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, GBP, NOK, DAK, SEK, BRL.

No more outstanding accounts receivable

Ensure you get paid fully by restricting access to documents until the invoice is paid. Documents are automatically released to the client when an invoice is paid.

Credit Card or Bank Debits
Organize invoicing
Automatic sync
Paid invoice

IRS, tax, bookkeeping integrations and more

IRS transcripts

TaxDome has an official integration with the IRS — users can request transcripts directly from the TaxDome interface. Download transcripts directly in TaxDome, streamline processes and save time. More



Manage your practice effectively by connecting thousands of apps to TaxDome via Zapier to keep your data in sync. Connect schedulers, VoIP systems, data storage and other apps. More


Tax & bookkeeping programs

TaxDome works with all tax and bookkeeping programs. Upload to TaxDome in one click from any tax program on desktop or remote desktop environments. More


Integrate TaxDome with Sсhedulers

Let your clients book appointments with your team directly from your custom- branded portal by integrating your favorite scheduler. Get started


Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalized support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customized plan based on your firm size, services and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training
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Looking to boost your firm's profitability and efficiency?

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Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

Can I accept payments in TaxDome?

You can! Accept payments via credit cards or bank debits in the US, Australia, Europe and Canada through ACH, SEPA, BECS, PADs.

Can I integrate my QuickBooks Online account?

Definitely. Connecting your TaxDome account with QuickBooks Online lets the systems automatically sync your invoices and payments from TaxDome directly into your QuickBooks account.

Is it safe to process payments through TaxDome?

Yes, we employ a number of industry standards to keep your and your clients’ data protected and secure.

How to connect to Stripe or CPACharge?

We got you covered — check out our help article on how to connect your TaxDome profile to Stripe or CPACharge.

The process is simple:

1. In Settings, go to Integrations, then select Payments subtab.

2. Click on the buttons Connect with Stripe or Connect with CPACharge.

3. To log in with your Stripe account, enter your login. To log in with your CPACharge account, fill in your credentials.

4. Get through the verification process and enjoy your new integration!

Are there additional fees to invoice and receive payments to clients?

No, TaxDome does not charge any fees. You have unlimited contacts, clients, signatures, storage and bills.

Can I process credit cards or bank payments manually over the phone or in the office?

Yes, you can manually enter credit card or bank details for a transaction, wherever you are.

Can clients make prepayments?

Yes, clients can make prepayments any time via a button on their client portal.

Can I pay on behalf of my clients?

Sure, you can! Sometimes, instead of paying from their own portal, your clients can ask you to pay an invoice on their behalf with their credit card or using their available credits. Check this  help article about paying invoices for more details.

If a client has available credits in their account, you can pay an invoice for them right when you create it or later. You can also pay an invoice for a client with their credit card or by entering their bank account details.