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Get information quickly with Client requests

Ask your clients for information and receive responses, fast. The soon-to-be-released Client requests feature is a new way to ask clarifying questions and keep projects moving.

Client requests, coming soon

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Focused on client experience

Every accountant, tax preparer, or bookkeeper encounters roadblocks of missing information. The Client requests feature is engineered to make it easy for your clients to provide that information quickly, from any device, and without having to log in.

Effortlessly gather missing pieces

Ad-hoc requests can be generated easily. Link these requests to specific jobs, and the job will automatically progress once the required information is provided.

You can request documents or information from your clients even if they’re not logged into TaxDome. Simply create an authorization-free Client request and send it as a link.

Discover how Client requests will help you get required docs and info faster.

Discover how Client requests will help you get required docs and info faster.

Reduce bottlenecks, get paid faster

Give your clients an easy, fast, and reliable way to send you the information you need. Client requests help you complete a job and get paid faster.


Ask questions, request documents, and get timely answers through an easy-to-use interface


Fast access for your clients, no login required (you decide if authorization is required based on your preference)


Track interactions and responses in one place, keeping a complete record for future reference

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Kurt G

We loved the ease of setting up clients in the portal and believe it is the best setup experience for our clients.





Joseph Serrone

At all stages, our clients have a pulse on exactly what’s going on with their return, which stops them from having to call or email saying, ‘Hey, I haven’t heard from you, what’s going on?





Are Berg Hjelle

Customers can chat with us via mobile, or a laptop, anytime. Accountants can answer faster, easier, and have a better understanding of their customers.





Christina S

I feel like I can stay connected with my clients more easily and it saves manual work which is always the goal!