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タスクリストを で追跡することは、 にとって重要な です の税金
の実践の成功。 TaxDomeを使用すると、統合された1つのプラットフォーム で、あなたとチームのワークフローを
のすべてのプロジェクト、目標、タスク のうち を維持 まで、ビジネスを次のレベルの に引き上げましょう。

シンプルな & 直感的なビュー

 の1つのビューで、 のすべてのジョブ、関連タスク、およびその期限の進行状況を追跡できます。


カスタマイズされたパイプラインを作成する & は常に状況を把握しています。

自動化を活用してオフィスを 合理化し、管理オーバーヘッドを取り除きます。 クライアントがパイプラインを下るときに、 タスクの作成、自動メール、パーソナライズされたオーガナイザー、 & 以上。


効率的なワークフロー & タスク管理を使用して、ビジネスを トラックで維持します。

シンプルで直感的。チームに にタスクを割り当て、期限を設定し、 にアラートを受信して、全員に最新情報を提供 から の速度。

ボトルネックを排除し、 の簡単な統合タスク管理ソリューションとの混乱を回避します。




期限切れのプロジェクトを特定し、必要に応じて再割り当てして、 が常に重要な期限を見逃さないようにします。

 の紙のチェックリストを無駄にせずに、 を 監視してください>全員’の進行状況が になり、あなたとチームがビジネス目標に沿った状態を保ちます。

Effortlessly view who is doing what, who is falling behind, and how each task is progressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s a pipeline?

    A pipeline is a business process — a sequence of steps that a Job must go through to go from start to finish. TaxDome’s Pipelines feature automates those procedures to help you manage your client flow and keep track of where any given assignment is at any time. As each business process (Bookkeeping, personal tax returns, S-Corps, etc) requires a unique set of steps, TaxDome allows you to fully customize each process and ensure foolproof processing as your firm scales.
  • What’s the difference between the Pipeline and Task features?

    The pipeline outlines the process. For example, 2020 tax return. And your firm may have 1000 concurrent tax returns (Jobs) in process at the same time, all at different stages of the process.

    At each stage (Review, Prep, E-filing, etc) — there may be individual tasks that are required to complete it. The power of pipelines comes in the automation and ensuring that each Job is performed fully and nothing is missed.
  • How does the automation occur?

    Each pipeline is fully customizable, and at each stage you can have various automations (send message, send email, send contract, send invoice, create task, etc) trigger. As soon as you start work on a client, perhaps an email will go out to them. As your admin finishes work on the data entry, an automatic task will get created for your preparer to start work. And when they finish, an automatic task can get created for your manager to review the completed return. You are Henry Ford and pipelines allow you to customize each business process to be as detailed or as general as you want them to be. There are preset templates for you to use and modify to your liking.
  • How does a job get started?

    Jobs can be created one by one, in bulk, or they can even start automatically
  • How can I enroll a client to a pipeline? Do they need to select the pipeline for themselves?

    It works in a simpler way: You pick a client and choose what work needs to be done for them (aka which pipeline). Say, the client needs a tax return for 2020: You add them to your 1040 returns pipeline, and then create a job inside it—a 2020 tax return. Once a job enters a pipeline, your clients are automatically assigned tasks to do (e.g., fill in an organizer, sign a document, etc).
  • Who can view or edit a pipeline?

    A firm owner determines which of their employees can access and edit pipelines.
  • Am I able to add and rename steps in pipelines?

    Sure thing. Although TaxDome offers you a library of ready-to-go pipelines (many of them designed by our clients), we know that workflows can be unique. You can either customize these templates or create your own workflows—and share them with fellow TaxDome users.
  • Does Taxdome have a built-in due-date system for tax returns and estimates?

    We have built-in actionable templates that our clients use and share. You can copy and modify them as you need.
  • Can I sort the tasks in a pipeline by how many days they are past due?

    Absolutely. You can choose how you want your tasks to be sorted, and a due date is one of the options.
  • Can the workflow be filtered by employees?

    Definitely. You’re able to sort tasks and jobs by assignee.


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