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How does TaxDome compare with GetNetSet?

TaxDome is the practice management software for tax, bookkeeping and accounting firms. As such, we are often asked, “How does TaxDome compare with GetNetSet?” It’s an important question for firms that are either just starting out or already have a website and are wondering if there is a better solution they should consider.

 This post is not your traditional feature vs. feature type of comparison (although we will get that out of the way, too). Rather, the goal here is to provide insight into how these two companies think and approach their respective products.

How does TaxDome compare with GetNetSet?

Comparing TaxDome and GetNetSet Features


Comparing TaxDome and <span>GetNetSet</span> Features
Comparing TaxDome and <span>GetNetSet</span> Features

Built for tax and accounting industry


Client portal


Mobile app


Unlimited e-signatures and KBA


Automated workflow


Billing & invoicing


Virtual drive




Secure document storage



 (2Gb limit)

Customizable organizers


Custom branding & URL


Website builder


Calendar view


Document pre-fill


Recurring invoices


QBO sync


Email sync & inbox+


Bulk mail




Company positioning: the philosophy behind TaxDome and GetNetSet

GetNetSet originates from the mid-00s and specializes in delivering simple cookie-cutter websites with minimal SEO services. It was enough to rank higher than your competitors back then – and many companies succeeded by simply showing their keyword-stuffed websites to Google.

 The problem is – it just does not work anymore. Google Penguin and Panda updates smashed such content farms into oblivion a decade ago and having exactly the same website content and layout as thousands of your competitors is not very good for business (or for Google ranking, for that matter).



 This is where TaxDome shines. Instead of promising to get you to the top of the SERPs – we provide a one-stop shop system for tax/accounting/bookkeeping practice management – and a client portal your customers will LOVE using.

 This gets us to the fundamental difference between the two companies. GetNetSet focuses on giving you a WordPress site with annually updated articles (essentially an online shingle to advertise your services). Meanwhile, TaxDome’s focus is the actual system for you to work with your clients online. That includes a best-in-class client portal, unlimited secure document storage, electronic signatures with KBA, a mobile app, secure messaging, and much, much more.

Why TaxDome

TaxDome vs GetNetSet Reviews

GetNetSet is not listed on Capterra, G2, or GetApp but has 120+ reviews on its Facebook page.

 TaxDome has  5,200+ reviews on Capterra, G2 and GetApp with an average score of 4.8/5.





TaxDome vs GetNetSet pricing


per year, per user

TaxDome offers one pricing plan — $58 per month per user (if you opt for a 3-year subscription plan)  with unlimited document storage, clients, e-signatures and free training.

TaxDome pricing

$49 - $1,200

per year

GetNetSet has a number of price plans.
To manage documents and get a secure client portal, the price starts from $49 per month and $1,200 per year for a website with SEO advice.


What does GetNetSet offer that I can’t get with TaxDome?

In the spirit of full transparency, we should mention what you won’t be able to have with TaxDome. Namely – regularly updated website content, newsletters and social media posts.


Walt Disney once said, “Whatever you do – do it well”. Thus, it’s better to write that handful of Facebook posts yourself, should you feel the need – and invest in a great tool that streamlines your daily practice management instead.

Free migration

Can I bring my website from GetNetSet to TaxDome?

Totally. If you have an existing website with GetNetSet, we can move it over to TaxDome for you.

Can I bring my website from GetNetSet to TaxDome?

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