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How does TaxDome compare with Canopy Tax?

TaxDome is an all-in-one practice solution for tax and accounting firms. So is Canopy Tax. Because of that, we are often asked ‘How does TaxDome compare with Canopy?’


Comparing TaxDome and Canopy Tax features


Comparing TaxDome and <span>Canopy Tax</span> features
Comparing TaxDome and <span>Canopy Tax</span> features

Built for tax and accounting industry


Client portal




Unlimited e-signatures and KBA


Automated workflow


Billing & invoicing


Virtual drive


Unlimited contacts CRM


Secure document storage


Customizable organizers


Custom branding & URL


Website builder


QBO sync


Shared inbox


Calendar view


Document pre-fill


Recurring invoices


Bulk mail


Zapier integration


Calendar sync

Jessica Smith,

I was an avid Canopy Tax user for many years, but was disappointed by the constant changes to their product. TaxDome had better reviews and my peers who had recently started to use the platform had expressed how much they like it.

Enrolled Agent

Nicholas R.,

Canopy was more expensive and had less features. I gave the TaxDome’s trial a try because I wanted an all in one solution and I loved it. Just signed up for an annual subscription.

Enrolled Agent

Company positioning / philosophy of TaxDome and Canopy Tax

The two companies are actually pretty close in their product vision — they both aim to be an all-in-one tool for managing tax and accounting firms. That makes them distinct from most other firms in the practice management space that focus on one particular area of operations (such as workflow or billing). You could say they’re playing in the same league. Kind of like the New York Knicks and Utah Jazz — same sport, different teams.



The main difference between them comes down to focus and pricing.

Why TaxDome

TaxDome vs Canopy Tax reviews

Canopy Tax has 600+ reviews on Capterra, G2 and GetApp with an average score of 4.5/5.

 TaxDome has over 5.200+ reviews on Capterra, G2 and GetApp with an average score of 4.7/5.





TaxDome vs Canopy Tax pricing


per year, per user

TaxDome has clear and straightforward pricing – $700 per firm user per year (if opting for a 3-year subscription plan). It includes every TaxDome feature, unlimited storage, and an unlimited number of contacts.


The company philosophy is that its pricing model should be as simple and transparent as possible and once you become a client, you are never asked to pay extra. There are no price tiers or ‘usage counters’ – once you are paying for the service, it’s all included.

 The reason is simple – the only costs for a software company include writing the software and marketing it. It costs TaxDome zilch to offer a feature to a client after it’s already been added to the product. Therefore we aim to make the product fairly priced and increase revenue by getting more firms on the platform.

price TaxDome

from $3,628

per year

Canopy Tax follows a ‘tiered plans’ model that splits its features across a number of plans. The more features you use — the more you pay. Bear in mind that pricing is always changing. The Practice Management started at $800 per user in 2017, rising to $1,000 in 2019.
In 2020, Canopy changed the pricing model and started charging by the number of CRM contacts. For a firm with 4 members (1,000 contacts), you would pay:

  1. $2,500 — for the CRM module only, and this price will grow together with your client base’s growth.
  2. $1,128 — for the Document Management, Workflow, and Time & Billing modules. In the case of the team of 4 from our example, the cost will be $4,512.

For a total of $7,012, where you pay $2,500 for CRM + $4,512 for Document Management, Workflow, and Time & Billing, it comes to $3,628 per firm user. 

Canopy price

In short, the basic pricing difference between Canopy and TaxDome comes down to the following:

  1. TaxDome costs $700 per year per user  (*with a 3-year subscription) vs $3,628 for Canopy, where you pay $2,500 for the CRM module only + $1,128 — for the Document Management, Workflow and Time & Billing per firm user.
  2. TaxDome pricing is set and doesn’t depend on usage volumes. Canopy pricing model expects you to pay more the longer you use the system (either because the number of your CRM contacts will grow or because you’ll want to use the new features they bring out) while the price of TaxDome is contingent solely on the number of firm users that are using the system.

TaxDome vs. Canopy Tax customer support

Company focus

Company focus

TaxDome was built from day one with one product vision — practice management. This was the only product the company has been working on from its inception.


Canopy Tax was initially launched as a Tax Resolution tool. Then it was expanded to include tax practice management. Then they made a major effort to move into tax preparation. Unfortunately that didn’t work out, which caused the company to lay off half of its staff in late 2019 and bring the focus back to the practice management.

Company focus


Both companies offer online and phone support as well as account managers who will help you make the most of each product.


TaxDome offers free, unlimited white-glove support, including screen-sharing onboarding sessions.

Can I bring my firm from Canopy Tax to TaxDome?

Can I bring my firm from Canopy Tax to TaxDome?

Great question.


Yes — if you have an existing account with Canopy Tax, we have multiple import tools that allow you to bring your firm over to TaxDome quickly and easily.

Can I bring my firm from Canopy Tax to TaxDome?

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