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How does TaxDome compare with Liscio?

TaxDome is the only practice management solution that provides tax, bookkeeping and accounting firms with a comprehensive platform for managing and scaling a team, automating workflows, and providing an outstanding user experience to their clients.


Comparing TaxDome and Liscio features


TaxDome logo
Comparing TaxDome and <span>Liscio</span> features

Built for tax and accounting industry


Client portal


Proposals & Engagement letters


Mobile app


Unlimited e-signatures and KBA


Automated workflows


Time & billing


Virtual drive


Multi-language support


IRS integration


Unlimited contacts CRM


Secure document storage


Customizable organizers (forms)


Custom branding & URL


Website builder


QuickBooks Online sync


Shared inbox


Calendar view


Document pre-fill


Recurring invoices


Bulk email


Zapier integration


Company positioning: the philosophy behind TaxDome and Liscio

Liscio is a secure communication and document sharing platform built for accountants and professional services firms. It offers core capabilities, such as file sharing, e-signatures and secure messaging, and mostly targets the client experience. However, Liscio has limitations in capabilities such as workflow automation, proposals, engagement letters, CRM and integrations.

 TaxDome is a comprehensive practice management platform for tax and accounting businesses. While both TaxDome and Liscio target the client experience, TaxDome solves both sides of the equation and provides a suite of tools for accounting firms – workflow, time and billing, reporting, engagement letters and more.

 By automating many firm operations with ready-made templates, smart workflows and third-party software integrations, TaxDome replaces admins, provides managers with necessary visibility, and enables teams to collaborate more effectively. Not only does TaxDome provide a secure client portal and mobile app, but it also provides a customizable workspace to manage clients, jobs, documents and teams.

 While Liscio facilitates secure client communication, TaxDome delivers end-to-end tax and accounting capabilities, including secure communication. In addition, it offers unlimited e-signatures, time and billing, IRS integration, customizable organizers, a website builder, CRM and more.

 Liscio is like a secure digital mailbox – it lets you exchange messages and documents with clients. But to run your full-fledged accounting practice, you need a comprehensive remote office that includes much more in addition to the mailbox. 

 TaxDome provides every tool you need for tax and accounting tasks, such as workflow, billing, CRM and more.


TaxDome and Liscio

Why TaxDome

TaxDome vs. Liscio reviews

TaxDome has more than  2,900 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.7/5.

Liscio has 39 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.8/5.

TaxDome logo


Liscio logo


What users think of TaxDome

Nickolas W., Owner

So far the clients that have used TaxDome absolutely love it. It had all the same features at a lower price. An added bonus was that it was also communicated with CPACharge. Liscio didn’t have enough features. It got the documents to us securely, but had no workflow once the documents got here.





Piotr N., Accountant

I am a one-person shop, TaxDome is my personal assistant that I pay for only once a year. All my repetitive messages, emails are sent to the clients without me moving a finger, Invoices and ELs sent the same way. TaxDome had so many more features to offer. Free e-signature! Only pay for KBA that Liscio charges more for anyway.





Amit C., President

TaxDome is great and would recommend it. Liscio lacked what is needed for a successful tax & accounting practice. They are still building it.





Lisa P., Owner

TaxDome has a ton of features that are simply not available in similar products, or have to be added onto a subscription at a crazy cost. I love that everything is here, all in one place. Liscio was twice the money and had less features.





TaxDome vs. Liscio pricing


per year, per user

TaxDome’s has a Pro pricing plan: $600 per user annually with a 3-year plan.

 You will get an integrated hub for client, team and document management, CRM and a client portal with unlimited document exchange, storage and e-signatures.

TaxDome pricing


per year, per user

Liscio offers two pricing plans: billed annually at $40/mo per user and billed monthly at $50 per user.

 In terms of features, both of these pricing plans include the same features: secure messaging, email integration, tasks with reminders, etc.

Liscio pricing

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