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Tax & accounting workflow automation

Save time and drive operational efficiency. Use ready-made templates or configure custom workflows that align to each of your business processes – tax, accounting, bookkeeping, wealth management, CAS and more.

Ensure nothing slips through the cracks and automate status updates, reminders, create dependency and more.


Automations in 2023


Email and secure chat sent automatically


Engagement letters generated automatically


(on average) per month hours saved

Shane Mason,

The workflow automation in TaxDome has allowed us to create repeatable processes that are not dependent on an individual - this is critical in allowing us to grow.

CPA, co-founder of Brooklyn FI

Jessica Smith,

Feedback that I've received from people who have never worked with a practitioner before was “Wow!” Constant informing them of where things were moving along made me feel really secure. TaxDome takes a lot of guesswork out of my workflow.

Enrolled Agent from Tax Savvy Jessica

Cassandra Centeno,

I saw TaxDome can automate client onboarding — it’s huge for converting clients when they come to my site from ads. Everything automatically moves within the workflow — I don’t have to manually transition each client.

Achieve more in less time

Prioritise work and manage workloads

With a growing practice, there’s no need to manually monitor the status of every Job — a fully customisable Insights dashboard allows you to review team performance, collect data on critical output and efficiency metrics, and stay on top of client pending activity.


A single place to plan work and manage workloads.


Visualise your work in timeline format.

Automate work assignments

Set repeatable processes and automate menial tasks

Automate client communications

Send automated emails and messages to proactively keep clients up-to-date.

Team collaboration

@mention your teammates to bring them up to speed.

Automate client communications
Team collaboration

More focus, more billable hours

Deliver value faster with automation

Make your practice run like clockwork. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks as your team and clients know when and what they need to action.

Dependency intra-firm, client-firm, and client-client

Jobs often require multiple stakeholders to be completed. Teammates can easily see what tasks they’re waiting on from others and know when to get started on their portion of work. Create the dependencies you need to ensure success, every single time.

Automate communication updates

TaxDome enables you to send personalised, automated updates every step of the way. By being proactive, you can provide the high-level experience your clients are looking for without the heavy administrative effort it would require otherwise.

Automate communication updates

Get all your deadlines under control

Bring transparency to your workflow. Navigate projects and processes with ease. Plan and manage the strategic side of work down to everyday tasks. Each client, job and task will be attended to.

Online work Calendar

Online work Calendar

Never miss a deadline with the customisable TaxDome Calendar: visualise your work in a handy timeline format. Adjust it to your firm’s workflow and define how work gets done. Easily prioritise and reassign your team’s workload for the next day, week or month.

Kanban and list view

Kanban and list view

Kanban and list view of your Jobs gives you a bird’s-eye view of your team’s tasks, statuses, priorities and deadlines. Manage and create workflows, quickly identify problematic stages and eliminate bottlenecks. Apply quick filters and find essential information faster.

Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalised support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customised plan based on your firm size, services, and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training
Implementation & team training included

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

What’s a pipeline?

A pipeline is a business process — a sequence of steps that a Job must go through to go from start to finish. TaxDome’s Pipelines feature automates those steps to help you manage your client flow and keep track of where any given job is at any time. Each business process (bookkeeping, personal or business tax prep, payroll, etc.) requires a unique set of steps. TaxDome allows you to fully customise each process and ensure foolproof processing as your firm grows.

What’s the difference between the Pipeline and Task features?

The pipeline is the entire process, such as an annual tax return. And your firm may have 1,000 concurrent tax returns (Jobs) in progress, all at different stages of the process.

At each stage of the Job (doc review, prep, e-filing, etc.), there are separate tasks required to complete the process. The power of the pipelines is in the automation, which ensures that each Job is performed and nothing is missed.

Frequently asked questions