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Team collaboration and workload visibility in one shared space

Get a pulse on your team’s workload – whether you have a team of 5 or 500. TaxDome makes it easy to ensure that everyone stays focused and aligned with the firm’s goals. Easily collaborate, communicate and rebalance work when needed to deliver quality services together. Assign tasks, share docs, send emails and mention team members, all within one shared space.

Team management

Bring your team together with a shared workspace

Organize internal processes & boost team performance

Build, train and manage your team efficiently using TaxDome’s collaborative capabilities in one shared workspace.

Reporting and analytics for team performance

Gain valuable insights into your team’s productivity to make data-driven decisions and evaluate performance. Track productivity, analyze workload distribution and performance for optimizing your team’s overall effectiveness.

Set and modify access rights

Tailor employee access rights and define the tasks that your team members can perform based on their responsibilities.

Create standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Use TaxDome’s Wiki pages to create and store standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your team. SOPs can be per client, per service or any other process within your firm. Utilizing workflow, automatically include them in jobs for easy access.

Prioritize work and manage workload

As your practice grows, you don’t have to check the progress of every job manually. You can use a customizable Insights dashboard to review team performance, collect data on critical output and efficiency metrics, and stay updated on pending client activities.

Analyzing team performance
Creating Wiki pages in TaxDome
Insights dashboard to review team performance

What users think of TaxDome

Jake Mitrovic, President of Pinnacle Accounting, Inc.

All employees are working remotely and 99.5% of clients use the tool to work with us. We are getting compliments from our clients all the time and our business can be scaled thanks to TaxDome.





Amy Barry-Loesch, CPA at PNW tax Solutions

Our favorite feature of TaxDome has been the all-in-one portal for our staff and clients. We use it to track all tasks for our employees, and as a document portal/messaging center for our clients. We’ve gotten great feedback from our clients since they can access tax returns, upload documents, message our team, and pay invoices in one place.





Sydney H. Highley, CPA

We take advantage of the pipelines. That is how we manage the status of all our jobs. I put on each of the jobs who’s assigned to the job, who is the lead person, the stage where the returns are in. You can move the statuses; you can change the settings. It’s a better way of managing the team.





Cindy Montoya, CEO of KAC Consulting, Inc.

…another upside as a firm owner is that I can see the correspondence from my team members to clients. Not only do I know what is happening with each job, but I also have a new appreciation for my team and how they communicate.





Lynnorra P., Senior partner at an accounting firm

I love that billing, client portal, document sharing, and communication between the firm and the client is so seamless! I use this to manage my practice and scale services in one place.





Creating automations in TaxDome

Supercharge your teamwork with automations

Focus on delivering flawless client service and increase billable hours by automating repetitive, low-value tasks. Create dependencies for different workflows – and improve efficiency in your work and within your team.

2.5+ million

Total automations sent in 2023


Hours saved per month per team member

1.5+ million

Email and secure chat automations sent


Engagement letters generated automatically

All communication channels in one place

Foster seamless intra-firm collaboration

Chat in real-time, share attachments, send emails, leave task comments and bring all of your team members together in one shared workspace.

Easily @mention your colleagues for a prompt response

Using @Mentions is a hassle-free way to work together with your colleagues on projects, ask them specific questions on the spot, or start discussions without assigning specific tasks to them. Mention your team members in chat threads, tasks, job cards and account notes when you need their expertise.

Get as many or as few notifications as you want

Stay in the loop with TaxDome’s Inbox+ notification center – and customize the notifications you want to receive. It keeps you and your team members updated on all emails, messages, tasks, and activity related to any job or client.

Send instant messages in Chats

TaxDome’s Chats feature enables your team to communicate securely and in real time with your clients. You can use it to schedule appointments, request missing information, set reminders, share files, assign tasks to clients and more.


Soon: internal team communications within the unified communication feed with emails, chats and SMS

Send and respond to emails directly within TaxDome

TaxDome provides a secure integrated email feature. Sync your email account with TaxDome to keep all your business in one place and improve your communication with clients. Send emails in bulk, attach documents and assign tasks to your team members directly from emails.

Document collaboration

Store, share documents, obtain client approval and request e-signatures with KBA or QES (coming soon). Use our built-in PDF editor to collaborate on files with team members or draw a client’s attention to a particular section of a document. Keep track of document activity with an audit trail, showing who worked on which documents and when.

Mention team members in TaxDome
Inbox+ notification center
Chats in TaxDome
Email sync

Firms boost teamwork performance with TaxDome

Find out how our clients achieved enhanced team collaboration and improved overall performance by incorporating TaxDome into their practices.

Athene Group experience

Athene Group experience: Managing a team of 100+ staff across 10 offices with TaxDome

Before TaxDome we used one system for handling sensitive documents, one system for sharing documents, one system for task management… Packing that into a single system instead of 10 different ones is great.


Read case study

Polaris Tax & Accounting

Polaris Tax & Accounting: post-acquisition expansion from 50 customers to 1,500+

We don’t have to worry about having external drives for the data. We don’t have to worry about having a digital signature software provider. It just makes it easier to have everything in one single platform.


Read case study

Get all your deadlines under control

Bring transparency to your workflow. Navigate projects and processes with ease. Plan and manage the strategic side of work down to everyday tasks. Each client, job and task will be attended to.


Online work Calendar

Never miss a deadline with the customizable TaxDome Calendar: visualize your work in a handy timeline format. Adjust it to your firm’s workflow and define how work gets done. Easily prioritize and reassign your team’s workload for the next day, week or month.

Kanban and list view

Kanban and list view

Kanban and list view of your Jobs gives you a bird’s-eye view of your team’s tasks, statuses, priorities and deadlines. Manage and create workflows, quickly identify problematic stages and eliminate bottlenecks. Apply quick filters and find essential information faster.

Team collaboration features

Manage your team efficiently using TaxDome’s collaboration features.



Use your personalized dashboard to review team performance

Wiki pages

Wiki pages

Create SOPs and cheat sheets to facilitate team onboarding



Mention colleagues inside tasks and chat threads to ask questions on the spot



Use notes to create internal memos about specific accounts



Receive notifications and respond to them directly from your Inbox+

Audit trail

Audit trail

Have access to documentation for who worked on what documents and when



Sync your email providers to use your email directly within TaxDome



Create a task or follow up from any email

Stay connected from anywhere, at any time

Get work done outside the office

Experience the power of seamless client and team communication on the go with TaxDome client and firm mobile apps. Stay connected and informed wherever you are.

Firm mobile app

Firm mobile app

The mobile app for firm owners and employees allows you to stay on top of matters from anywhere. All your contact and account data is at your fingertips. Track your firm activity through timely notifications: paid invoices, uploaded and signed documents and more. Securely message, call and email clients with one click. More

Client mobile app

Client mobile app

With the native iOS and Android apps, enable your clients to interact with your firm from any location. Using their phones, clients can scan, upload, e-sign and approve documents, complete organizers, securely pay invoices and send you messages from the client portal or the mobile app. More

Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalized support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customized plan based on your firm size, services, and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training
Top-notch client service

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my employees to my TaxDome account?

Sure! As a firm owner, you can add your team members to TaxDome. You can assign them specific clients to work with and determine the access rights they need to have.

Can a staff member log in and view all of their pending tasks for all clients in one spot?

Yes, they will have access to TaxDome’s notification center, Inbox+, which consolidates all tasks, client emails, and messages in a single place.

Is there a way to add internal security for team members?

Yes, you can set access rights for your employees, and expand or limit what each team member can view and access.

How can my staff members communicate with each other regarding clients before responding to them? Do you have a feature for internal communications similar to Slack or Teams?

Certainly! Within your TaxDome account, you can leave notes in jobs, tasks and client notes. You can also directly @mention your team members in chat threads, tasks, job cards and account notes to seek the expertise of your team members.

Can I assign tasks to specific team members?

Definitely. All tasks can be assigned to one or several team members—or none at all. More about task creation