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Customizable tax organizers

Scale client onboarding with fully customizable, digital questionnaires. No more clunky PDFs, no ‘generic’ organizers or long back and forths to get the information you need. With TaxDome tax organizers, the focus is on the client experience and on saving you time. Your clients receive personalized, secure forms that they actually enjoy completing.


Use organizers for new client intake, one-off jobs such as annual tax return or recurring jobs such as monthly payroll or bookkeeping. A modern design and intuitive format help you retain clients and increase satisfaction scores.

Customizable tax organizers

Get all your questions answered

Customizable & automated: gather essential client information easily

Prepare and send customizable client tax organizers whenever you need to collect information from your clients. Gather details for personal returns, business returns, new client intake, bookkeeping and more in a secure manner, without sending emails and documents back and forth.


Send organizers to your clients at any time or automatically based on dates or other triggers — everything is organized and integrated with the rest of your practice management platform.

Integration with CRM

Update account information from client answers in the organizer. Track the entire chain of events with population data, segment your clients and offer follow-up services based on the information they provide.

Assign tasks automatically based on the organizer answers

Automatically assign or remove account tags based on client responses in organizers to optimize onboarding and similar tasks efficiently. For example, you can utilize tag-based conditional automation to the next stage of your pipeline. This helps make sure that tasks are given to the right team members and that your clients receive personalized messages.

Automate onboarding

Make it easier for new clients to work with your firm by automating the steps they need to take to get started. For example, provide clients with organizers to fill out basic information and then have them sign an engagement letter.


Instead of having you or an admin (that you pay) do these tasks, TaxDome can do this automatically. When the engagement letter is signed, additional automations can be triggered; you can customize the automation process to fit your firm’s specific services and goals.

Save time by applying organizer templates

Corporate clients, bookkeeping clients or personal tax clients — they all require unique question sets. Create different organizers to cover every situation your firm may require, and provide the optimal client experience. Create your own or re-use our collection of templates and customize them to your liking.

Integration with CRM
Assign tasks automatically based on the organizer answers
Tatsiana Bender,

I have built out the conditional organizer in such a way that my client interactions should only be advisory and value-adding in nature as opposed to information and document gathering. I don’t have to come back to software to send a particular organizer to a particular client.


Brittany Pullin,

With TaxDome we’ve been able to gather client management and job management in one place: communicate with clients, store data, create organizers to obtain data from clients, assign tasks to our team. It’s been a game changer.

manager and sales tax associate at Tax Man To You, LLC

Michelle Cook,

I have millennial clients, everyone is pretty into technology. I’ve had fantastic feedback on the mobile app. I love that I can send organizers through the portal. I recorded a Loom video that explains how to use organizers. With video instructions, clients are able to fill it out whenever it’s convenient for them.

one of the partners at Carter Cook CPAs

Secure & intuitive: enhance client experience

The best organizers are those your clients will complete.The entire experience of the organizer is tailored to the benefit of the client: all answers auto-save, the form is accessible from any device, reminders are automated and data entry is reduced for returning clients through rollover of prior answers.

Mobile friendly, iOS and Android

Allow your clients to conveniently fill in organizers from their desktop or mobile devices, which means that you get the information you need quickly.

Conditions and logic reduce question overload

Make it easier for your clients to fill out organizers by using conditions that hide irrelevant questions and sections. With conditions in place, clients no longer have to skip what doesn’t apply to them; instead, they will only see the questions that require their answers, for their unique situation.

Let clients pre-fill answers, reducing data entry fatigue

Let your repeat and long-time customers pre-populate information that doesn’t change from year to year, such as date of birth, SSN and more. This will save time spent on data entry and result in higher client satisfaction.

Mobile friendly, iOS and Android

Create tax organizers customized to your clients

Make use of various organizer features to gather and sort client data. Send 1 or 10,000 at just the right time, either manually or automatically, and receive timely notifications when they’re completed.

Secure access

Secure access

Ensure the protection of client data with secure organizer access



Save time by creating organizer templates



Set conditions to skip questions or show previous answers

Custom fields

Custom fields

Choose the optimal answer format for your clients: radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.



Automatically integrate answers from organizers into your CRM using tags

Audit trail

Audit trail

A detailed record of the organizer questions and answers is saved in the audit trail



Automate when your organizer is sent to clients and set reminders to nudge them

Linking to jobs

Linking to jobs

Run your practice smoothly by linking organizers to jobs to incorporate them into your workflow

Top-notch client service

Implementation & team training included

Personalized support and assistance to ensure your firm’s success. Learning a new software can be intimidating, which is why our team will create a customized plan based on your firm size, services, and goals with full access to:

  • The knowledge base
  • TaxDome Academy
  • Webinars
  • TaxDome community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support
  • Free advanced team training
Implementation & team training included

Your concerns, answered

Frequently asked questions

What is a tax organizer?

Tax organizers are digital questionnaires that allow your team members to conduct client intake, request documents and capture important details in just a few clicks. Send your clients short and secure organizers with the pre-fill function that will roll forward their previous answers, reducing data entry and providing a successful client experience.


Despite the name, organizers are not limited to tax — they can be used for bookkeeping, client intake, client satisfaction — or any other question and answer form you may want your clients to complete.

Do I have to create organizers from scratch?

TaxDome has a library of templates that your team can use to speed up client service. You can either pick one of ours (and customize it if needed) or create a new one from scratch.

Can I add custom fields?

Sure! All fields in organizers are customizable. You can choose the answer format that best suits the question — radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple choice, etc.

Can I customize an organizer so that it prompts questions based on answers to certain questions?

Yes, you can employ conditional logic so that answers to specific questions determine the subsequent questions a client will see.

How do I know when a client has finished filling out an organizer?

You’ll get a notification. If you synced your email—you’ll see an alert in Inbox+ and can turn it into a task right away. And the organizer will be automatically placed in Client uploaded documents.


Additionally, through automation dependency, you can have additional actions triggered when the organizer is complete. Your client can receive a, “We received your documents” email and your admin can receive a task to “review client docs”. All above examples are just that, examples, and can be fully customized to your firm’s needs.

Can my clients complete an organizer on a mobile device?

Yes, they can fill in organizers on the go from their mobile phone in the browser or on the native mobile apps for iOS or Android. Even if they don’t finish it, all their changes are autosaved.

I use DocuSign for engagement letters and organizers. Do I have to continue using it?

Only if you want to, but it’s not necessary. Your TaxDome subscription includes unlimited e-signatures, engagement letters and organizers.