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PIPEDA Compliance - Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

What does PIPEDA mean?

PIPEDA is a Canadian data privacy law that provides the framework on how companies in the private sector use, store, and disclose their clients’ personal information. PIPEDA stands for the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. In some cases, the law also dictates how companies should handle storing personal information of their employees.

How is PIPEDA compliance determined?

Organizations have to adhere to a detailed set of guidelines which declare permission from customers and employees for how they use, disclose and collect their personal information is a necessity. PIPEDA also requires companies to implement security safeguards that fully take into account the sensitivity of the personal data that is being collected.

How does PIPEDA data center and cloud hosting work?

TaxDome accounts meet all of PIPEDA’s data privacy standards thanks to the flexibility and customizability that virtual cloud hosting offers. With TaxDome, your account data will also be safe from potential hackers thanks to additional security features like five layers of data security, 256-bit AES encryption, and two-factor authentication.

How can I audit and maintain compliance with PIPEDA?

We adhere to PIPEDA by storing all Canadian client data on a specific server that is physically located in Canada. Our team also regularly conducts audits on all TaxDome accounts with strict auditing procedures.

Are there TaxDome clients that are PIPEDA compliant today?

Yes! With TaxDome, you can always count on our security standards and certifications to keep you PIPEDA compliant. WIth the TaxDome Cloud, your data is always kept safe thanks to multiple layers of digital security such as encryption, strong passwords, and multi-factor authentication. Connect with our PIPEDA virtual hosting team to learn how TaxDome’s Cloud can assist your organization in meeting all of PIPEDA’s specific requirements.