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HITRUST Compliance - Health Information Trust Alliance

What exactly does HITRUST mean?

HITRUST stands for the Health Information Trust Alliance. This alliance is a trade organization of lots of major insurance companies and providers across the private and public healthcare sectors. The alliance created a voluntary set of common security guidelines that are intended to adhere to all of the demands of state, federal and international data security standards. Thanks to HITRUST’s increased data security standards, more and more business organizations that are outside of the healthcare sector have started to adopt these guidelines to help with their own data security needs.

How is HITRUST compliance determined?

To test for HITRUST compliance, organizations need to check on their current security measures and choose a certified HITRUST assessor to help. Next, businesses will want to buy and complete the official assessment. The HITRUST assessor will audit and validate the assessment on their own. The companies that pass HITRUST’s graded score card are then considered to be HITRUST-compliant.

How does HITRUST data center and cloud hosting work?

The great thing about virtual Cloud hosting is that it is always flexible and fully customizable. That means our support team can help you make sure that your TaxDome Cloud hosting environment is suited to meet your organization’s individual HITRUST compliance needs.

How can I audit and maintain compliance with HITRUST?

The HITRUST Alliance wants organizations to pursue an interim review roughly one year after their initial assessment date. You should also plan to partake in re-assessments every two years. TaxDome’s experienced HITRUST support specialists will work with you to guarantee that your organization is adhering to all of HITRUST’s strict compliance requirements.

Are there other compliance standards that are similar to HITRUST?

HITRUST borrows from similar compliance standards such as NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and more.

Are there TaxDome clients that are HITRUST compliant today?

For sure! Connect with our HITRUST hosting specialists today to learn how TaxDome Cloud services can help your organization meet all of your HITRUST compliance needs.