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TaxDome + CCH Axcess
Tax integration

Sync documents from CCH Axcess Tax to TaxDome

TaxDome provided ALL the features needed for true practice management and some for a lesser price. The flat fee for all functions was a huge factor in switching for me.

Myranda Harper

CNAP, CEO of Harper Business Solutions

A more efficient
docusharing flow with
TaxDome & CCH Axcess Tax

Using TaxDome’s Windows and Mac desktop apps you can easily streamline document flow in both TaxDome and CCH Axcess Tax. All of your docs can be easily printed right into TaxDome from CCH Axcess Tax.

Access CCH Axcess Tax
client documents from
your PC/Mac

Manage your CCH Axcess Tax files without actually keeping them on your computer. With the help of the TaxDome Drive, you can quickly access all documents as if they were on your local drive.

Unlimited, 1:1
white-glove support

Unlimited phone and chat support and one-on-one onboarding sessions with screen‑sharing — at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have integrations with tax programs?

    TaxDome integrates with any tax program: Drake, UltraTax, Lacerte, CCH, TaxWise, ProSeries, etc. You download contacts from the listed above programs, then send them to TaxDome or print all files from your tax software directly to TaxDome via the desktop application. TaxDome becomes a printer on your computer, so it’s now possible to print from any software and forward it to TaxDome.
  • How do I export my client data from CCH Axcess Tax to TaxDome?

    TaxDome provides a user friendly import tool.
  • What is the process of getting docs from CCH Axcess Tax to TaxDome?

    Just click print. TaxDome becomes a printer on your computer, so you can print the tax return directly from CCH Axcess Tax and get it to your client quickly and easily. The process looks like you send docs to the office printer, except instead of a paper file, your client will receive a PDF. Manual processes are reduced significantly.