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Integrations Overview

Automate your workflow to run your firm more efficiently. Connect TaxDome with your favorite tax programs, online payment providers, QuickBooks & more!

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    We only need to log into two programs instead of five or six. TaxDome keeps our practice organized so nothing is missed, and everything is in one platform: billing, tax docs, communication with clients, and soon an appointment calendar. And they are constantly improving the software.

    Enrolled Agent

    GREG B. Enrolled Agent

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    The client portal, workflows, email integration, billing, and all the automated tasks have helped me get organized for this tax season. My clients are already telling me how nice the client portal looks. It also integrates well with Drake software. The staff has been incredibly responsive as well!

    Enrolled Agent

    Joe Bourque Enrolled Agent

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    I love that everything for managing clients, file sharing, gathering and requesting documents, and the smart email inbox is all in one place. I have been using a number of solutions that don’t integrate thoroughly to achieve these things, and finally I can have all these features in one place at a fair price.

    Enrolled Agent

    Nicholas R. Enrolled Agent

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    I love that this app has the request feature that I can use for general communication with a client throughout tax season. Also the email as tasks feature! I don’t have to search through my emails to find client stuff anymore—it makes my work life so much more streamlined.

    Enrolled Agent

    Brittnie E. Enrolled Agent

Tax & Bookkeeping Programs

Streamline your accounting and bookkeeping practice: Use TaxDome to share documents with your clients and obtain their signature right away.

Your clients will verify and sign documents on their white-labeled client portal—
or even from their mobile devices.

QuickBooks Online

Reduce clicks & logins to remember for your clients. All payments and bills made through TaxDome will be automatically synced with QBO.

If you do bookkeeping or prepare monthly payroll, automate your workflow on the spot! Your clients will use a simple and convenient client portal instead of forcing their way through a clunky QuickBooks dashboard.

Online Payment Providers

Integrate with payment processors and allow your clients to pay invoices and make prepayments in their client portal.

TaxDome helps you protect your hard work with the ability to lock documents to bills. Your clients will not be able to download or print documents until payment is settled.

Email Sync

Stay on top of things without being overloaded by tons of emails in your inbox. TaxDome’s Email Sync will carefully put all emails to and from a client to their TaxDome account and autosave their files.

Never miss a thing: Instantly create tasks from emails and keep a record of all emails from any member of your staff.

More about Email Sync


Connect TaxDome to 2000+ apps with Zapier, such as cloud accounting solutions, sales and marketing tools.

Automate your practice: Add prospects to TaxDome when they book a call with you, sync data between spreadsheets, or even update your mailing list without lifting a finger.

More about Zapier integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does TaxDome integrate with QuickBooks?

    Yes, TaxDome has a native integration with QBO; however, we do not have a native integration with QBDT.
  • Do you integrate with tax programs?

    You can use TaxDome with any tax program you choose: Drake, UltraTax, Lacerte, CCH, TaxWise, ProSeries, etc. You can export contacts from the program and import them in TaxDome or print all documents from your tax software directly to TaxDome via the desktop app. Simply, we become a printer on your computer, so you can print from any software and put it on TaxDome.
  • Does billing integrate with invoices sent through QuickBooks Online?

    Only invoices made though TaxDome are synced. However, you can always record manual payments from outside payment platforms.
  • Can I accept payments on TaxDome?

    Definitely. You can create bills inside TaxDome and accept payment as well. We utilize two vendors: Stripe and CPACharge (we’ll be adding more) and integrate with QBO. When you create a bill, it will automatically flow to QBO, and as soon as it is paid, the invoice will be automatically updated. In addition, your clients will be able to pay through their portal. Please see our help article for details on vendor processing fees.
  • Are there additional fees to invoice and receive payments to clients?

    No, TaxDome does not charge any fees. You have unlimited contacts, clients, signatures, storage, and bills.
  • Can I process credit cards manually over the phone or in the office?

    Yes, you can manually enter credit card details for a transaction.
  • Can clients make prepayments?

    Yes, clients can make prepayments any time via a button on their client portal.
  • Will a bill paid by EFT or credit card be automatically synced, as with QBO?

    For now, we accept cards, both credit and debit. But ACH is in our development pipeline.
  • Can I sync the whole history of emails into TaxDome?

    Yep! All email history with your contacts will be pulled in automatically. When you view a client account on TaxDome, prior correspondence between your team and the client will automatically populate.
  • When I create an email in Outlook, does it go to TaxDome?

    The email will also appear on TaxDome if the email address is registered under the client account. This way you won’t be overloaded with messages not related to the client.
  • Does it work with Zapier?

    Yes, you can easily sync your data via Zapier. For instance, create a new contact when a client books a call with you or sync all your contacts between spreadsheets, CRM, mailing lists, etc.