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How does TaxDome compare with FYI?

FYI is a solid document storage and management system. TaxDome is a comprehensive practice management software that goes beyond document storage to provide tax, bookkeeping, and accounting firms with a space to communicate, collaborate, and fully manage their business.

How does TaxDome compare with FYI?

Comparing TaxDome and FYI features


TaxDome logo
logo FYI

Built for tax and accounting industry


Kanban board and job management


Client portal and mobile app


Firm mobile app


Unlimited e-signatures


Secure live chats


Time tracking


Virtual drive & secure document storage


AI-powered reporting


Multi-language support


Automated workflows



Custom conditional automations


Employee management


Customizable organizers (forms) with conditional logic


Payment processing integrations


Custom branding and URL


Proposals and Engagement Letters (ELs)


Free email support


Company positioning: the philosophies behind TaxDome and FYI

Both TaxDome and FYI are excellent choices for document storage and management, but there are vital differences separating the functionality of the two platforms.


FYI is a document management and productivity tool that offers team collaboration and some task automation. While it does well in streamlining document storage and management, it doesn’t offer a dedicated client mobile app or several other tools needed to run a highly efficient accounting practice.


TaxDome provides a broad range of features that extend beyond document management to include many capabilities for firm management (CRM, invoicing, integrations, comprehensive practice overview) that include the entire customer experience. TaxDome enables secure client communication through a top-rated portal and easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS and Android. By providing an outstanding customer experience, firms are able to increase client retention and improve their brand image.


On the practice management side, TaxDome’s automation goes above and beyond by giving firms the power to adjust their operations using if-then scenarios. With TaxDome’s custom conditional automations, firms can automatically direct a job’s movement through stages based on filter tags that differentiate various client needs. For example, a firm can set an automation to send different engagement letters based on whether the client is tagged as new or returning. As a result, firms can create truly scalable processes, save time and money, and improve accuracy.


To put it another way, FYI is like the frame of a well-built house — sturdy and a great beginning. TaxDome is the house, with all the nuances that make it a home.


 TaxDome improves your client’s experience

 How do accounting clients feel about TaxDome? See for yourself.

 TaxDome’s client mobile app is rated as one of the top 80 finance apps in the App Store, with more than 3 million clients using it to communicate with their accountants Users love that it’s easy to navigate, efficient, and that they can securely upload their documents using their mobile devices.

 Additionally, TaxDome’s client portal allows your clients the same ease in communication, document sharing and signing, and invoice payments from their laptop or desktop computers.

 Part of building a successful accounting firm is not only building a client base but maintaining it year after year. Clients who work with their accountants through TaxDome enjoy an outstanding user experience. Through both our industry-leading client portal and our mobile app, you can offer your clients an accounting experience that’s never been easier.


Why TaxDome

TaxDome vs. FYI reviews

TaxDome has more than  3,000 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.8/5.


On Product Hunt, FYI has 169 reviews with an average score of 4.6/5.





TaxDome is trusted by 10,000+ firms in 25+ countries

Lynnorra P. Senior partner at an accounting firm

I love that billing, client portal, document sharing and communications between the firm and the client is so seamless! I use this to manage my practice and scale services in one place.





Michelle Cook, Carter Cook CPAs

I’ve had fantastic feedback on the mobile app. Clients are able to fill out organizers whenever it’s convenient for them. If they want to do it at 10pm, that’s fine! It frees up my schedule to be able to focus on things other than paper pushing.





Jennifer W. Owner

I love being able to see at a glance how many jobs I have in each pipeline, then what stage they are at. Much better than an Excel spreadsheet. My clients love the document upload feature and the chat feature.





Tamara M. Owner

I enjoy being able to work with the pipelines and have one system setup for multiple types of tax returns.





Firenze M. CEO

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this software, as an end user, and will not consider working with a company for my tax prep who does NOT use this platform.





TaxDome vs. FYI pricing

from $60AUD

per month, per user*

TaxDome offers a single pricing plan that lets you access all of its features with no minimum number of users.


For $60 AUD per month, per user, you get an integrated hub for client, team and document management, CRM and a client portal with unlimited document exchange, plus storage, e-signatures, automated workflows, payment processing integrations, and so much more.


*With a 3-year subscription


per month, per user

FYI currently has two subscription levels (with a third coming) that require a minimum of five users, making the minimum monthly cost $150 to $250 AUD.


The intermediate package syncs with your practice management solution and offers document and task management, while the pro subscription offers additional client security and process automation.


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