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TaxDome offers applications to support our firms and their clients. The Taxdome desktop application allows firms additional ease for document management, the Taxdome mobile application allows firmclients to access their information anywhere, anytime.

Client Mobile Apps

Native iOS & Android apps to access your portal — anytime, anywhere.


Install Windows Desktop App

Create an even easier way to upload and print documents directly to TaxDome.


Ofta ställda frågor

  • Does the mobile app contain my firm’s logo?

    When users log in, they see your firm’s logo the way they see it in a browser. However, the app’s logo will be TaxDome’s. Because of app store restrictions, the app name and logo for each released app can’t be changed.
  • Is the mobile app included in the trial period?

    Yes, your trial includes all TaxDome features. You won’t, however, have access to the private Facebook group or our feature-request board, which are available only to paying clients.
  • Can my clients use a mobile app to complete the organizer?

    Definitely, they can use both mobile app and web portal to fill in organizers, sign documents, communicate with you, and pay bills.

TaxDome is a partner member of the Finnish Association of Financial Management