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Worth the Upgrade

24 April 2024

Overall, 9.5/10. We are happy we made the commitment. The time it takes to set up is substantial, but I have to believe it will be worth it in the long run. We are able to systemize and build a sustainable practice because of the continuity that TaxDome provides.

Pros: We were able to consolidate 5 different applications for our firm into one practice-management application. Our clients are fans of the client portal and we're seeing increased engagement because of the intuitive nature of the platform. Great support from their team.

Cons: The initial setup/implementation wasn't the easiest. There is plenty of documentation and learning modules for support, though. This was just time-consuming for our firm.


Tax Season Lifesaver

11 April 2024

Pros: The time saving aspect during tax season

Cons: The software updates and changes that occurred during the season


The Creative and Accurate Accounting Solution

09 April 2024

TaxDome has dynamic accounting solutions, that makes the computation of tax suitable.

Pros: TaxDome includes all the taxation management features that helps companies comply.

Cons: TaxDome has appropriate tax and accounting assistance.

leveling up your tax business

06 April 2024

I love it I feel like it’s my tax business. It gives me more time to do other things and back and things and as we all know, time is money.

Pros: What I like most about Tax is the CRM system and also the document management enable to give and store clients documents or they’re able to get instant access to their things without asking me for consistently

Cons: what I like least about Tax it’s not just user-friendly. You have to go to some trainings to figure out the automation or pay someone to do it so you’re not just gonna jump in and have it already set up as soon as you pay the cost so it’s an additional fee to have someone out automated but luckily, I found Carmen from Elite notary to for an affordable price

Convenient reminders

28 March 2024

Pros: As someone who handles their own taxes, TaxDome has been an absolute lifesaver. Having everything organized in one place makes the whole process so much smoother. I can easily upload all my documents, communicate securely with my tax preparer, and track the progress of my returns. The automated reminders ensure I never miss a deadline. TaxDome has simplified the entire tax-filing process for me. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stress-free way to manage their taxes.

Cons: There is definitely a learning curve. I'm still figuring out some of the features. If you have an accounting background, you'll probably find your way around pretty quick. The rest of us would benefit from some simple tutorials.

Sono molto contenta del prodotto

15 February 2024

Pros: Prodotto scoperto per caso per una delle tante pubblicità che si vedono. In realtà si è subito dimostrato un validissimo aiuto per uno studio, come il mio, in cui i clienti sono moltissimi e sempre variabili (ci occupiamo di persone fisiche 'transfrontaliere', quindi che si spostano con una certa frequenza). In particolare abbiamo apprezzato tantissimo la disponibilità nello sviluppo di funzionalità aggiuntive, dimostrando una elasticità difficile da trovare presso altri 'softwaristi'.

Cons: Per ora NULLA. Quello che abbiamo richiesto è stato implementato, altri servizi sono in corso di realizzazione.



30 January 2024



Taxdome system

24 January 2024

Pros: It’s a good system to use for day to day work flow management

Cons: System is user friendly, however, need to enhance the capacity by adding projects automation


Very good software

18 January 2024

Pros: It is very helpful. I think every accounting firm should use it

Cons: It changed very close to the tax season

Your clients will thank you!

10 January 2024

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this software, as an end user, and will not consider working with a company for my tax prep who does NOT use this platform.

Pros: As someone who trusts the pros to prepare my business and personal taxes, I used to HATE collecting all the paperwork for tax season. It's still not my fave job, BUT the Tax Dome software and checklists actually make the process less stressful for me, by making it easier to track my progress and see what I still need to find. Anything that makes your clients happier/less stressed is a win for you as the accountant, AND will increase their timely compliance - and the fact that it makes it easier for my accounting firm to complete my taxes = less time spent for them = lower fees for me. Win-win-win!

Cons: Really, nothing. It is an elegant solution to bringing accounting and tax prep into the 21st century.

Gestion de fiscalité

10 January 2024

Pros: Taxdome est un logiciel de gestion de tâche bien structuré. On a pas de mal à faire la part des choses.

Cons: Tout n'est pas rose sur taxdome malgré son efficacité.


TaxDome, your go-to tax and accounting software

09 January 2024

TaxDome has minimized the manual work that I need for my tax and accounting practices, and I would recommend it to all business owners.

Pros: I like the centralized tools and the functions that come with this software. It has all that I need for my tax and accounting practices.

Cons: Everything is amazing, and no complaints for now.

it is a good product but has too many bugs

04 January 2024

It is a good product for managing tasks and integrating with Drake software, but they raise the price to $800 for each user if you buy only one year. It has so many bugs that I cannot count them. You have a new one almost every week, and they do not fix it quickly.

Pros: It helps manage the tasks and has some integration with Drake software. It has support to at least listen to you.

Cons: OMG, it has too many bugs. I cannot count how many bugs we had in 2023. It is really difficult to rely on the software. It takes some time so they can fix the issue (if you are lucky, a week).

Great use of time and money

26 December 2023

Pros: I enjoy being able to work with the pipelines and have one system setup for multiple types of tax returns.

Cons: The set up does take time, but once set up, it is easy it use


TaxDome has been a game-changer for managing my clients' taxes and documents. It's so convenient and easy to use!

26 December 2023

Pros: I love that TaxDome keeps everything organized in one place and makes it easy to communicate with clients. It's a huge time-saver.

Cons: I wish there were more customization options for client portals. Sometimes the interface can feel a bit cluttered.

TaxDome makes managing my taxes so much easier! It's a game-changer.

23 December 2023

Pros: Easy to use, great for managing documents and client communication.

Cons: The interface can be a bit overwhelming at first, and some features are not very intuitive.

Love love love this product!

20 December 2023

Pros: I love the automated pipelines that I've been able to set up, the client interface, and the ability to get documents signed. This product keeps getting better every year!

Cons: I can't think of anything I don't like.

Wonderful Practice Management and Customer Management Tool

18 December 2023

Pros: I liked how easy it was once I got everything set up. I love being able to see at a glance how many jobs I have in each pipeline, then what stage they are at. Much better than an Excel spreadsheet. My clients love the document upload feature and the chat feature. Customer service is excellent!!!!!

Cons: It isn't superintuitive to set up the pipelines. It did take some trial and error, and working with it through one season to get the pipelines set up exactly how I wanted them.

TaxDome is my go-to for organizing tax documents and communication with clients. Makes my life a lot easier.

09 December 2023

Pros: Love the secure client portal and how easy it is to manage documents. Great for storing and sending sensitive information.

Cons: Would like to see more customization options for client portals and a few more integrations with other software I use.

Valido software per la gestione della contabilità

05 December 2023

Pros: Consiglio vivamente TaxDome per i suoi punti di forza: facile, veloce, semplice ed economico

Cons: Alcuni elementi si potrebbero migliorare: alcuni strumenti di calcolo ulteriori