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Spam Guidelines

By using TaxDome you agree to the below guidelines.

Spam policy

TaxDome has zero-tolerance for spam. You may not use TaxDome’s tools for sending bulk or unsolicited messages. We monitor all activity very closely for violations and will remove any accounts if violations are detected.

We also take spam complaints from our users seriously. This includes, but is not limited to, sending unwanted or unsolicited messages through TaxDome’s Invoicing, or Inviting tools. We investigate all spam reports and will immediately remove accounts reported for spam when we see fit.

Content policy

You are responsible for the messages that you send through TaxDome. Our support team performs manual checks and TaxDome reserves the right to remove any account for the below reasons:

  • Sending content that contains profane language
  • Sending content that violates the law in any way
  • Sending content that includes pornography
  • Sending content that infringes on any copyright or intellectual property
  • Sending content that is knowingly false regarding yourself or others
  • Sending content that is defamatory to others
  • Sending content that contains confidential information

Should you have any questions about TaxDome’s spam guidelines, please contact us at




Last updated November 13, 2023