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How does TaxDome compare with Senta?

TaxDome stands out as a leading practice management solution that empowers tax, bookkeeping and accounting firms. It efficiently automates workflows, offers a collaborative platform for your team, and ensures an exceptional client experience.


Comparing TaxDome and Senta features


TaxDome logo
Senta logo

Built for tax and accounting industry


Client portal and mobile app


Firm mobile app


Complex conditional workflows


AI-powered reporting


Time and billing


IRS integration


Companies House integration


Desktop virtual drive


Two-way SMS messaging


Unlimited e-signatures with KBA


Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) 


Customizable organizers (forms) with conditional logic


Custom branding and URL


Website builder


Multi-language support


Company positioning: the philosophy behind TaxDome and Senta

Senta and TaxDome are both powerful practice management apps for tax and accounting firms. However, there are some key differences between the two tools.


Firstly, TaxDome is independently owned, and Senta has been acquired by Iris in 2021.  When larger firms acquire companies, the founder’s vision goes away and development slows. TaxDome is focused on innovation as a company ethos and continues to innovate at a fast pace, expanding functionality and improving user experience for firms and their clients.


On the feature front, TaxDome offers advanced e-signatures with the ability to do KBA, QES (Qualified Electronic Signatures) and AdES (Advanced Electronic Signatures), while Senta does not. This can be a significant feature for firms that need to collect a lot of signed documents from their clients. Another difference is that TaxDome offers an integration with the IRS, which allows firms to pull client transcripts.


Senta is built for professional services firms. It provides tools to manage appointments, collect client information and automate follow-up. Most of all, Senta is dedicated solely to scheduling and intake functionality.


TaxDome is an end-to-end practice management platform designed for tax, accounting and bookkeeping professionals. In addition to scheduling and workflows, TaxDome provides a comprehensive platform to power mid-size and large tax and accounting firms for firm management, client management, revenue operations and client experience.


Senta is like a flashlight, providing illumination on client communication and basic tasks. TaxDome, however, acts as a powerful spotlight, casting light on every aspect of your tax and accounting practice. With its comprehensive suite of tools it ensures that your entire practice is well-lit, leaving no corner in the dark.


TaxDome focuses on client experience

Clients communicating with their accountants and bookkeepers through TaxDome enjoy an outstanding user experience, focused on their needs.


TaxDome enables seamless client communication through an industry-leading portal and mobile apps.


While Senta offers basic intake forms, TaxDome provides an integrated portal for clients to exchange documents, sign forms, pay invoices and more.


TaxDome powers mid-size and large tax and accounting firms for firm management and client experience.

Why TaxDome

TaxDome vs. Senta reviews

TaxDome has more than 3,000 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.7/5.


Senta has 4 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 3/5.



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What users think of TaxDome

Chris Brumlow Managing Partner, Brumlow and Company

We needed an easy to use and deploy tool to manage client workstreams and implement an effective client portal. TaxDome is easy to use and configure. Our clients like what it brings to the table for them. It is a foundational tool for us to grow and expand the practice.





Accountant, Foenix Tax & Business Services LLC

Everything I was looking for is included in TaxDome!





Lynnorra P. Senior partner at an accounting firm

I love that billing, client portal, document sharing and communications between the firm and the client is so seamless! I use this to manage my practice and scale services in one place.





TaxDome vs. Senta pricing


per year, per user

TaxDome offers annual plans from 1 to 3 years, with all features included. The 3-year plan costs $700 per user per year.

 All the features you need to supercharge your practice are included: workflow automation, client mobile app, built-in document management, time and billing, reporting and more.

TaxDome pricing


per use per year

Senta offers one pricing plan paid monthly or annually with a 20% discount. Also, Senta offers discounts if you buy subscriptions for multiple users at once.

 Senta makes its features available for this plan, though the list of features is more limited than with TaxDome. Senta does not charge extra for upgrades or the number of records.

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