Tax Organizer

Trying to get all of the tax-related information that you need
from your clients can be a game of cat and mouse. Going back
and forth with your clients for the tax information you need to
complete your work is a thing of the past with the Tax Organizer.

Interactive & digital

A fully interactive Tax Organizer allows you to say goodbye to paper filing cabinets for good. It’s easy for clients to use and will save you tons of valuable time.

Smart and flexible; question answers can be set to open or hide other questions.

No need to start from

The Tax Organizer is copyable from year to year, meaning that your clients won’t need to start from scratch for every new tax year.

Smart technology

Uses smart technology that only asks follow up questions as needed. The Tax Organizer obtains the exact information required so that you can get the job done better and faster for each one of your clients.

Impeccably organized

The Tax Organizer provides client information to you and your team in a clear and concise manner. It’s impeccably organized and easy to work with.

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