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Hur jämför TaxDome med Karbon?

TaxDome är en allt-i-ett lösning för skatte- och redovisningsbyråer. En viktig del av vår produkt är arbetsflödet. På grund av detta får vi ibland frågor som ‘Hur kan TaxDome jämföras med Karbon?’

Det här inlägget är inte en typisk funktion vs funktion(även om vi kommer att få det ur vägen också). Målet är snarare att ge en inblick i filosofin bakom varje produkt.

Karbon HQ is a good practice management tool but TaxDome offers so much more: workflow, billing & invoicing, mobile app, CRM, secure DMS and unlimited e-signatures

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Filosofi om TaxDome och Karbon

Karbon is a practice management system. It allows you to keep track of various client projects, know what deadlines are coming up and which team member is working on what. In other words it’s definitely a must-have tool for a modern tax practice.

While this type of software is key to running an effective practice, it can’t be the only system you need. Just like a great rug can «tie the room together» — you also need actual furniture on top.

TaxDome offers workflow and all the other «furniture» pieces you need — client portal, mobile app, billing & invoicing, CRM, secure document storage and much more.

Thus the chief difference comes down to this — would you rather subscribe to, integrate and run 10 different apps (one of which will be Karbon) or just one — TaxDome?

Karbon HQ pricing per user per year is higher than TaxDome’s: $948 vs $600, which can be a decisive factor when choosing your practice management software.

TaxDome vs Karbon recensioner

Karbon has over 360 reviews on G2 with an average score of 4.8/5.

TaxDome has over 2,700 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.7/5.

2,700+ 360

TaxDome vs Karbon Prissättning

per år, per användare

TaxDome offers two pricing plans — KR50 per month per user for growing firms and KR25 per month for solopreneurs with unlimited storage, clients, e-signatures and free training.

per år, per användare (ungefär pris)

Karbon has three different price plans that vary from KR59 per month per user to «call us to find out».

Uppsättning & träning

Karbon offers a number of paid setup and training packages priced between KR999 to KR2,999. They include one-one training and onboarding sessions.

TaxDome offers white-glove onboarding, team training, client import and dedicated success manager free of charge.

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