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Portal do Cliente

Quanto mais fácil você tornar para o Cliente’s, mais felizes eles ficarão para retornar
ano após ano. O TaxDome permite que você agilize a comunicação,
compartilhe documentos facilmente e reduza seu próprio tempo administrativo.
Agora, não’isso torna a temporada fiscal um um pouco menos doloroso?

A maioria dos CPAs não está satisfeita com o portal do cliente. Os usuários do TaxDome são.

Mais de 400 CPAs pesquisados

  • "

    Easy to use! Love the portal where everything is so easy to see!

    Positively Pilates LLC

    Carrie Campbel Positively Pilates LLC

  • "

    My customers have loved using this file share software. They have commented on how much easier it is than the last "easy" one. I am excited that they are continuing to improve this software. I have been in business for 10 years and think I finally found the program that will work best for me.

    Valley View Book & Tax

    Becky Arvila Valley View Book & Tax

  • "

    TaxDome meets the needs of my business in one place. I like the client portal, email integration, workflow and e-signature capabilities. We are far more organized than before.

    DW Agosto Tax Planning LLC

    Emily Agosto DW Agosto Tax Planning LLC

  • "

    It's truly an all-in-one solution for tax pros! Includes task Mgmt, workflow, email Mgmt, portal, organizers, billing, CRM for clients and note taking, etc. Also, their customer service is AMAZING and they implement almost every suggestion - and fast!

    Laufer CPA LLC

    Sara Laufer Laufer CPA LLC

  • "

    I love the client portal aspect allowing clients to upload and download documents in a safe and secure manner. We use the signature function as well, not having to go out to a third party software has increased the return time and timing requesting the signatures.

    Allis Accounting Services

    John Allis Allis Accounting Services

  • "

    The client portal, workflows, email integration, billing, and all the automated tasks have helped me get organized for this tax season. My clients are already telling me how nice the client portal looks. Also integrates well with Drake software. The staff has been incredibly responsive as well!

    JB Taxes

    Joe Bourque JB Taxes

  • "

    BIGGEST plus is a totally secure client portal for sharing sensitive data. They also offer unlimited storage, which is not typical at all....so we are able to store multiple years of clients data in the cloud....which saves us time and money when clients need extra copies later.

    Dallas Tax Solutions Inc

    Gayla McGinnis Dallas Tax Solutions Inc

  • "

    It functions as an excellent client portal.

    Equilibrium Accounting & Tax

    Steven Plant Equilibrium Accounting & Tax

  • "

    One of the best client portals for the money! The feature that sold me was the capability to lock a document to a bill. As a tax professional, being able to lock the completed tax return until paid was essential for me in Tax season...

    Chambers EA

    Kimberliann Chambers EA

  • "

    Very easy to use and quick with responses.

    Mike Kunstman Executive Protection Agent

  • "

    I use this software as the client of a tax professional. TaxDome makes it very easy to securely send all of the necessary forms, documents, etc. to my tax professional each year as she prepares my taxes.

    Erica Wiswell Erica Shops For You

  • "

    I have a client profile and I am in as a tax professional, and both things work great. It’s easy as a client to upload and create folders. It’s easy for me to go in and find what I need clients have put in.

    Cook Bookkeeping

    Simone Cook Cook Bookkeeping

  • "

    I love that I can create my own organizer. I use it as a 'client intake form.' I also love that I can talk to my clients through the portal since I'm dealing with very sensitive information. My clients love the ease of everything being in the portal.

    Hardy Tax Solutions

    Renisha Hardy Hardy Tax Solutions

  • "

    All of the features of the system. Makes it easier to keep up with my tasks and offer my clients a secure location to upload their documents.

    Chronicle Tax Services

    Tiyease Jones Chronicle Tax Services

  • "

    It allowed me to have a steady flow to how i on boarded clients to file their taxes. It was very to easy to use for 90% of my clients. I have already recommended this product to a lot of my partners and they are using it as well.

    Legacy Financial Guru

    Briana Crawford Means Legacy Financial Guru

  • "

    The back and forth from my accountant and myself was very easy and seamless.

    Counterpunch, LLP

    Eric Hausser Counterpunch, LLP

  • "

    After being recommended by my accountant, I've become a monthly user and find it becoming easier and easier to use. Our communication back and forth has been very simple and secure.

    Kristen English Real Estate LLC

    Kristen English Kristen English Real Estate LLC

  • "

    This software has simplified many things within our company. I would highly recommend it.

    Moving At Ease

    Charles Quattrochi Moving At Ease

  • "

    So easy to use for a person, who is not a techie or money person.

    Watt Business Solutions

    LaTonia C. Watt Business Solutions

Fácil e intuitivo

O Portal do cliente é simples o suficiente para manipular até mesmo os clientes com mais desafios tecnológicos. Ele’também é compatível com dispositivos móveis, então seus clientes podem acessar o Portal do cliente a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar.

Esqueça genericportal.com, seja dono de sua marca com um URL de site personalizado

Você pode personalizar totalmente a marca de seu portal, incluindo o URL para apontar para seu próprio domínio. Se você não’tiver um website, nós oferece um construtor de sites completo para criar seu próprio site.

Assinar documentos eletronicamente

Elimine fornecedores extras, seus clientes podem assinar e-sign no mesmo portal que eles conduzem todos os negócios com sua empresa. Assinaturas eletrônicas ilimitadas estão incluídas.

Mensagens seguras

Com threads de mensagens seguras, você pode se manter organizado & deixar de pedir informações confidenciais por e-mail. Incorpore solicitações de documentos & tarefas, como também.

Tarefas de cliente rastreáveis

Atribuir tarefas aos clientes & agendar lembretes automáticos. Seus clientes sempre sabem o que você precisa que eles façam.

Totalmente integrado

Permite que os clientes compartilhem documentos importantes, paguem contas, vejam o histórico de pagamentos, vejam os próximos prazos, respondam às perguntas que você tem para eles e completem um organizador de impostos, tudo no conforto de sua casa ou dispositivo móvel.

Ajuda dedicada

Seus clientes têm sua própria área de ajuda com instruções sobre como pagar contas, assinar documentos, etc.

Alternar contas facilmente

Seu cliente efetua login com um e-mail e pode alternar entre suas várias contas (pessoal, empresarial1, empresarial 2, etc) . Não precisa lembrar muitas senhas. Fácil.

Ativação fácil

Ativação de um clique para seus clientes. Eles clicam em & criar uma senha — que’é isso.

Envie notificações para seus clientes

Seus clientes receberão notificações push quando suas faturas estiverem prontas para serem pagas.

Proteja os dados com
autenticação de dois fatores

Garanta a conformidade com o IRS & forneça proteção de dados a seus clientes. Com autenticação de dois fatores. sua equipe & clientes pode garantir que os dados sejam protegidos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy will it be for my clients to use TaxDome’s client portal?

    The portal is intuitive and super easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Clients will see a to-do list with tasks you want them to complete. They click on each task to do it—whether it’s filling out an organizer or signing a document. We provide loads of help guides and videos, but, of course, we cannot provide support for them as we do with you.
  • How will my clients register on the portal?

    Once you’ve imported your client base to your TaxDome account, you send them an invitation link. Using the link, clients create a password and log in.
  • How can I communicate with clients through the portal?

    TaxDome has email as well as message threads. When you sync your business or personal email to TaxDome, email from clients goes to their individual accounts, so that you won’t need to sort through them manually to find one. To share sensitive data, we suggest using our secure message threads which are fully mobile-friendly and also send push notifications to your clients’ smartphones.
  • Can a married couple have mutual access to an account?

    Yes, every account can have more than one person with their own login and access.
  • How many accounts can one client have in case they have separate businesses?

    You can create as many accounts as your clients need to manage their businesses. Your clients don’t have to remember multiple passwords to access their accounts. They’ll need to remember only one login and password, and then can easily switch between their accounts.
  • Can my clients use a mobile app to complete an organizer?

    Definitely! They can use both the mobile app and web portal to fill in organizers, sign documents, communicate with you, and pay bills.
  • How will my clients share files?

    Uploading documents for your clients is easy. They are able to upload via the web browser or on their mobile app. In addition, the mobile app has a built-in scanner that allows your clients to upload high-resolution PDFs. You can also send your clients a secure link to upload files that won’t require logging in.
  • Can my clients create folders in their file vault?

    Yes, they can organize their files in their accounts.
  • When I upload a doc for a client, will TaxDome send an automated email notifying them that the doc is available?

    Definitely. If you want an automatic email to go out, turn on the notifications toggle.
  • Can my clients scan documents or save them as PDFs?

    Yes, your client can scan right on their portal. If it’s a jpeg, it creates a pdf for it.
  • Can I change the TaxDome label and URL to my own?

    Sure, you can fully customize your portal, including the URL and your brand logo.
  • Will my clients see TaxDome or my firm’s name?

    They’ll see your logo and the firm’s name. All messages will come from your firm, the branding inside the application is your firm’s. The mobile app, however, has a TaxDome label because app stores require an app name and logo for each one that is released, and it can’t be changed.

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