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Como o TaxDome se compara ao Asana?

TaxDome é uma solução prática multifuncional para fiscais e empresas de contabilidade. Uma parte importante de nosso produto é o fluxo de trabalho. Por causa de que, nós às vezes somos questionados ‘Como o TaxDome comparar com o fluxo de trabalho Asana?’

Esta postagem é não é seu recurso tradicional vs tipo de recurso de comparação (embora nós obterá isso de também). Em vez disso, a meta aqui é a fornecer uma insight sobre a filosofia por trás de cada produto.


Posicionamento da Empresa / Filosofia da TaxDome e Asana

Asana is a general project management tool used by all kinds of organizations for all kinds of projects — as an IT helpdesk, bug tracking system, HR candidate tracker and so on. Their philosophy might be described as — «Let’s be the Excel of the cloud era». A flexible tool that can be used to manage any project.

If you plan to use it to manage your practice there is only one problem — running a tax or accounting practice requires a lot more than just managing projects. And that where Asana comes, well, not just short — it doesn’t really come at all. Asana was designed to be an internal team management tool — while accountants and tax professionals must work with and provide deliverables to external clients. For that you need a number of other tools to run the practice — a client portal, secure document storage, electronic signatures, website hosting, billing and invoicing system, communication hub, mass mail, and so on.

As TaxDome was built from the ground up for accountants who work with external clients. It includes all of these features in one package.

Asana can be thought of as a great flat head screwdriver while TaxDome is a professional screwdriver set. Deciding on which one better suits your practice comes down to figuring out exactly what tasks you will need to do.

TaxDome vs Asana Reviews

Asana has over 8,000 reviews — but we could not find a single one from an accounting firm.

TaxDome is the highest rated practice management platform on Capterra with over 1000 reviews

1000+ 8,000

TaxDome vs Asana Preços

por ano, por usuário firme

TaxDome has one flat price — $600 per year per firm user with unlimited storage and use of all features.

free - $
per year, per user

Asana has a number of pricing plans that vary from ‘free’ to ‘you have to speak to someone in sales to find out the price’. The ‘business’ plan costs $300 per user, per year. The price was raised twice in the last 2 years.

O que Asana oferece que não consigo obter com o TaxDome?

In the spirit of full transparency, we should mention what you won’t be able to have with TaxDome. Namely — regularly updated website content, newsletters and social media posts.

Walt Disney once said «Whatever you do — do it well». And it’s simply not possible to scale creation of original content to hundreds or thousands of firms. But if you don’t mind having exactly the same content as your competitors, it is a reasonable product for the task.

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