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A TaxDome oferece aplicativos para apoiar nossas empresas e seus clientes.
O aplicativo de desktop Taxdome permite às empresas facilidade adicional para
gerenciamento de documentos, o aplicativo móvel Taxdome permite
clientes para acessar suas informações em qualquer lugar, a qualquer hora.

Para empresas

Para clientes firmes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the mobile app contain my firm’s logo?

    When users log in, they see your firm’s logo the way they see it in a browser. However, the app’s logo will be TaxDome’s. Because of app store restrictions, the app name and logo for each released app can’t be changed.
  • Is the mobile app included in the trial period?

    Yes, your trial includes all TaxDome features. You won’t, however, have access to the private Facebook group or our feature-request board, which are available only to paying clients.
  • Can my clients use a mobile app to complete the organizer?

    Definitely, they can use both mobile app and web portal to fill in organizers, sign documents, communicate with you, and pay bills.