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SSAE-16 SOC 1コンプライアンス

SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2 はどういう意味ですか?

SSAE-16 SOC 1 タイプ2 は AICPA監査レポート。企業が財務報告手順をどのように開発し、実装するかを詳しく説明します。 SSAE-16 SOC 1 タイプ2 は、 証明契約番号 16、システムと組織の統制レポート 1、 と入力します2。

 SOC 1 タイプ2 コンプライアンスはどのように決定されますか?

In order for an organization to meet SOC 1 Type 2 compliance, they must provide detailed data that specifically shows how their financial reporting practices are created and executed over a certain period of time. This timeframe is typically in the 6-12 month range. An independent auditor usually prepares this report and carries out all of the required examinations. Noncompliance with SOC 1 Type 2 does not result in penalties, but poor results might lead to customers avoiding an organization due to financial reporting flaws.

SOC 1 Type 2 データセンターとクラウドホスティングはどのように機能しますか?

Systems and Organizations Controls Report 1, Type 2 is one of the numerous auditing standards that we use with our data centers and for accounts that host systems and software related to internal controls for financial reporting. TaxDome Cloud accounts can be used to safely run software and store all of your organization's data, just like a standard computer or server does. These activities are run directly in the Cloud within a 256-bit AES encrypted, Amazon AWS account.

 を監査してSOC 1への準拠を維持するにはどうすればよいですか1 タイプ 2?

The TaxDome team regularly audits all TaxDome accounts adhering to the SOC 1 Type 2 and other SSAE-16 standards.

 SOC 1 と同様の追加のコンプライアンス標準はありますか 2 ?

Yes, Systems and Organizations Controls Report 1 is one of three SSAE-16 auditing standards that are typically used to audit data centers. SOC 1 is the only one that directly addresses an organization's financial reporting practices. The additional two SOC reports, SOC 2 & 3, focus more on how organizations handle non-financial reporting procedures such as data security, system processing, server uptimes, and data processing. These are the additional compliance standards that are most similar to SOC 1 Type 2.