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アンケートを使用して、クライアントオンボーディングをスケーリングします。 個の不必要なPDFはなく、 ‘の一般的な’ オーガナイザー
または で前後に 必要な情報を取得します。


法人クライアント、簿記クライアント、個人税クライアント — は、すべて異なる質問セットを必要とします。

Create different organizers to cover every situation your firm may require, and ensure optimal client experience.


Add automated actions to send specific organizers to clients in パイプライン. Set up your workflow and create a foolproof process.


シンプルで明確な指示。デスクトップまたは モバイルデバイスから にアクセスできる優れたインターフェースにより、必要な情報をすばやく取得できます。


The Tax Organizer provides client information to you and your team in a clear and concise manner. It’s impeccably organized and easy to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to create organizers from scratch?

    TaxDome has a library of templates that our clients use to speed up their practice. You can either pick one of ours (and customize it if needed) or create a new one from scratch.
  • Can I add custom fields?

    Sure! All fields in organizers are customizable. You can choose how your clients will answer: via radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple choice, etc.
  • Can I customize an organizer so that it prompts questions based on answers to certain questions?

    You can fully automate your onboarding process to send detailed questions to clients depending on their specific use cases. See our blog post with examples here: https://blog.taxdome.com/client-onboarding
  • How do I know when a client has finished filling out an organizer?

    You’ll get an email notification. If you sync your email—you’ll see an alert in Inbox+ and can turn it into a task right away. And the organizer will be automatically placed in Client’s Docs.
  • Can my clients complete an organizer on a mobile device?

    Yes, they can fill in organizers on the go from their mobile app. Even if they don’t finish it, all their changes are autosaved.
  • I use DocUsign for engagement letters and organizers. Do I have to continue using it?

    Only if you want to, but it’s not necessary. Your TaxDome subscription includes unlimited e-signatures, engagement letters, and organizers.
  • Will my clients have to reenter their SSN, address, etc., every year?

    It is fully up to you. Most firms have different organizers sent for onboarding clients and returning clients.
  • Are organizers embeddable in a website?

    No, they’re secure in the portal behind a login.


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