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Electronic signatures save you time and allow your clients to sign
important documents from their phone or computer. Reduce costs & 
app overload by eliminating standalone e-signature apps with
unlimited e-signatures within TaxDome.


Get the same functionality of standalone
e-signature applications such as DocuSign, Hellosign, Rightsignature, etc. included in every TaxDome subscription.


IRS has strict requirements for e-signatures, TaxDome meets them fully. Utilize knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to stay in full compliance at a cost well below industry standard ($1 vs $3 per signature).

法的 & バインディング

Electronic signatures are legally binding and accepted in the US, Canada, the UK, and most of the western world. TaxDome meets and exceeds ESIGN Act & UETA security measures.

  • "

    The signature process was easy as was document upload. I would recommend this software to friends and family.

    Manchester University

    Abigail Noonan Manchester University

  • "

    Ease of use and implementation, the ability to eliminate redundant other firm management apps, digital signature, secure portal, workflow and have everything centralized.

    Scott J Armstrong Financial Consulting LTD

    Scott Armstrong Scott J Armstrong Financial Consulting LTD

  • "

    A big pro is having everything you need in one place. I was frantic trying to send out organizers, email questions, collect signatures, upload documents, and finally send an invoice. Previously, all of these steps involved a different system.


    Allen Stiegemeyer LUCA, LLC

  • "

    I love the e-signature feature and the integrated emails from gsuite. It is very seamless for my clients.

    Vraiment Financial

    Dalaine Waller Vraiment Financial

  • "

    I love the client portal aspect allowing clients to upload and download documents in a safe and secure manner. We use the signature function as well, not having to go out to a third party software has increased the return time and timing requesting the signatures.

    Allis Accounting Services

    John Allis Allis Accounting Services

  • "

    TaxDome meets the needs of my business in one place. I like the client portal, email integration, workflow and e-signature capabilities. We are far more organized than before.

    DW Agosto Tax Planning LLC

    Emily Agosto DW Agosto Tax Planning LLC


コストを削減し、時間を節約して、クライアントに高レベルのカスタマーエクスペリエンスを提供します。 で、クライアントが必要とするビジネスエクスペリエンスとビジネスニーズを1か所で提供します。

  • Security


  • Legally Binding


  • ESIGN Act

    ESIGN Act

  • IRS Compliant


  • Audit Trail


  • Notifications


  • Worldwide


  • Multiple Signers


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can more than one client sign a document, say Form 8879?

    Yes, you can have more than one person sign a document.
  • Is the signature handwritten or typed?

    It’s typed. Our signatures are valid through the ESIGN Act and are considered just as legally binding as ones done on a trackpad.
  • Can I add additional fields besides signatures?

    Yes, you can add fields for initials, data, or an additional signee (e.g., in the case of a married couple).
  • How many signatures am I allowed per month?

    TaxDome offers unlimited e-signatures—with no extra or hidden costs.
  • Is e-signature valid for IRS purposes?

    We provide KBA, which is required for IRS Form 8879. It costs $1 per signer.
  • Do you have KBA?

    Absolutely. TaxDome supports knowledge-based authentication, which is required for Form 8879.
  • How much is KBA?

    $1 per signer. If a document has two signers, the cost is $2.
  • If spouses share the same email address, is it possible for them to both sign a document?

    Each person should have a separate email, which is for required security verification.


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