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Bandeja de entrada +

Centralized newsfeed of activity in your firm. Client activity, emails,
secure messages, task assignments, and more.

Convierta las notificaciones en tareas procesables

Crea una tarea o seguimiento desde cualquier correo electrónico. Resuelva los problemas rápidamente y asegúrese de que no se pierda nada a medida que avanza el día.

Filtrar por tipo de actividad

Para ayudarlo a ordenar Inbox + rápidamente, elija ver todas las notificaciones, facturas, cargas de documentos, correos electrónicos o actualizaciones de tareas.

Acción masiva y marca archivada

Move from your To Do to Archived with the click of a mouse. Never lose track & restore to active at any time, should the need arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will all of my emails go through TaxDome or just emails TaxDome recognizes as being from clients?

    The latter. When the email-sync toggle is turned on, you’ll be able to see everything in the email section and in Inbox+ (the smart notification center).
  • I have a couple of clients in my networking group and don’t need the emails for them in their TaxDome accounts.

    We have a “mute” button so that any emails that are not relevant won’t show up in the client email history.
  • How can I see all emails from both parties of a married couple in one account if they use multiple email addresses?

    You can have both members of the married couple under one account. If each person has two email addresses, you can include all four email accounts under the client account. You turn on the toggle for each email address that you want them to be able to use for logging in, getting notifications, and receiving email.
  • Can a note become a task?

    When you receive an email from a client, you can turn it into a task right in your notification center (Inbox+)

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