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¡Estamos contratando!

TaxDome is constantly evolving. Our development team is always busy implementing challenging tasks to support this growth.

We’re always looking for talented software engineers to join our team and help us make our vision of a perfect product a reality.

We care for our team and try to provide the best working conditions:

  • Flexible hours. We don’t enforce fixed working hours or mandatory online presence. Everyone is free to work when they want as long as it’s productive for the team and the product.
  • Team retreats. Twice a year, we bring the whole team together for a week-long collaboration session at an exotic (think warm) location. Plane tickets, hotel stay, and recreational activities are covered by the company.
  • Work-related expense reimbursement. If you need a better laptop or paid software, these are reimbursed.
  • Continuing Education. Industry events and courses are encouraged and reimbursed.

We will be happy to hear from you at job@taxdome.com.

Si cree que su perfil no se ajusta completamente a nuestra oferta de trabajo, comuníquese con nosotros de todos modos. Nos complace contratar desarrolladores inteligentes y talentosos si tienen habilidades valiosas, incluso si esas habilidades no se enumeran específicamente en la descripción del trabajo.

Desarrollador Fullstack

We’re looking for a software developer that can write well-architectured backend code, while not being afraid to do some frontend work. We’re not talking about hardcore frontend from scratch, we’ve got dedicated frontend developers for that. What we’re talking about is understanding how frontend works and reusing existing components and patterns to solve problems.

Nuestra pila:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Reaccionar
  • Mecanografiado

Nuestras necesidades:

  • Strong knowledge of computer science basics: data types, algorithm complexity, memory allocation, etc.
  • Understanding of how SQL works.
  • Understanding of how network protocols work.
  • 2+ year experience of commercial programming.

Desarrollador frontend

We’re looking for an experienced frontend developer that’s also OK with HTML markup.

Nuestra pila:

  • Reaccionar
  • Mecanografiado

Nuestras necesidades:

  • experience with BEM, SMACSS, CSS Modules, or other CSS methodologies
  • experiencia integrando y trabajando con frameworks frontend modernos: React, Angular, Vue, etc.
  • experiencia con marcado adaptativo y multiplataforma
  • willing to do markup along with programming

Deseable pero no obligatorio:

  • experiencia integrando preprocesadores
  • experiencia integrando y trabajando con la biblioteca de componentes
  • experiencia con TypeScript

Especialista en control de calidad

We’re looking for a QA specialist for manual testing with potential to cover automated testing.

Nuestra pila:

  • Rubí
  • Selenio
  • Carpincho
  • RSpec
  • Jenkins

Nuestras necesidades:

  • experiencia de dos años con pruebas manuales

Deseable pero no obligatorio:

  • experiencia con herramientas de automatización de pruebas
  • experiencia con la programación

Gerente de marketing

Visión general:

  • Estrategia de marketing integrada
  • Produzca mensajes excepcionales e intuitivos
  • Guide product positioning and messaging based on competitive differentiation
  • Desarrollar y ejecutar estrategias de campaña y hojas de ruta que logren objetivos trimestrales.
  • Build a deep understanding of target prospects and their needs; apply thoughtful data-driven, segmentation approaches to effectively reach them
  • Create & maintain unified voice across all channels
  • Translate technical updates and feature releases into clear points of value for customers
  • Genere conciencia, consideración y adopción
  • Test & learn — regularly bring new ideas to the table
  • Poseer y actualizar todas las garantías; copia del sitio web, blog, canales sociales
  • Gestión de medios pagos