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TaxDome Product Webinars

Join free daily training sessions to get started with TaxDome and use it to the full.

Getting started with TaxDome

  • How to import and map your clients
  • Differences between Accounts & Contacts
  • How to use tags & custom fields
  • How to set up White-Label options
  • Adding team members

When: Mondays, 4 pm EST

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How to communicate with your clients in TaxDome

  • Setting up email sync and smart notifications (Inbox+)
  • How to get information from your clients
  • How to send secure messages and assign your clients tasks
  • How to request files without client having to log in
  • Contracts & E-signatures explained
  • Overview of client portal & Mobile App
  • How to automate onboarding

When: Tuesdays, 4 pm EST

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How to streamline exchanging documents internally & with clients

  • Document access rights: what can your client see, what can your client modify, and how to keep documents private
  • How to collect document feedback (approve/disapprove) from your clients
  • How to request e-signatures and KBA
  • Folder templates
  • Share documents with third parties and clients without portal access
  • Bulk Upload: Import from other document storage
  • TaxDome Drive: automatically keep client files in sync with your PC/Mac
  • Editing files locally and auto-save to TaxDome
  • Scan to TaxDome
  • Print to TaxDome from your tax program

When: Wednesdays, 4 pm EST

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Workflow: Managing work effectively & foolproofing your process

  • Explained: Jobs vs Tasks vs Pipelines
  • How to set up templates
  • How to set up automations
  • How to customize each business process: tax, bookkeeping, audit, etc.
  • Template library
  • Bulk action: start jobs
  • Bulk actions: edit tasks
  • How Jobs tie it all together
  • Coming soon: Auto-move & Schedules

When: Thursdays, 4 pm EST

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Getting paid in TaxDome

  • How to create bills
  • Integrations: Stripe, QuickBooks Online, CPACharge
  • Lock documents to bills
  • How to track time
  • Client prepayment
  • ACH electronic payments

When: Fridays, 4 pm EST

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