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Electronic Signature Software for Accountants & Tax Preparers

Unlimited e-signatures integrated with client portal & document management.

TaxDome includes electronic signature software
  • I utilized three tools just for signatures: Adobe e-sign to send out contracts, a separate tool for KBA signatures and then would upload the signed documents to a third tool. Having TaxDome for my clients has been fantastic — they love it.

    Brittnie Eiden,

    owner of Eiden Tax and Accounting

    Brittnie utilizes TaxDome for form 8879 electronic signature Brittnie utilizes TaxDome for form 8879 electronic signature
  • I don’t want to use Docusign & pay for Docusign when TaxDome already solves that for me with e-signatures. TaxDome has workflows, Inbox+, e-signatures, and more all wrapped into one.

    Dane Janas,

    founder of Boundless Tax

     Dane uses TaxDome for w 9 form electronic signature  Dane uses TaxDome for w 9 form electronic signature
  • We deal with a lot of government returns and forms — the virtual signature saves me quite a bit of money and time. We were using RightSignature before and TaxDome has eliminated the need for us to pay an annual fee for a separate signature software.

    Shawn Dowds,

    Founder of Meridian Accounting

    TaxDome helps Shawn with irs 2848 electronic signature TaxDome helps Shawn with irs 2848 electronic signature

Unlimited e-signatures

Reduce costs & app overload by eliminating standalone e-signature applications such as DocuSign, Hello Sign, RightSignature, Adobe, etc. A smooth and intuitive e-signing process is built into your workflow within TaxDome.

TaxDome offers electronic document signatur

KBA available
(IRS requirement)

IRS has strict requirements for e-signatures, TaxDome meets them fully. Utilize knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to stay in full compliance at a cost well below industry standards (NZ$1.5).

TaxDome is used for irs form 8879 electronic signature

Legal & binding

Electronic signatures are legally binding and accepted in the US, Canada, the UK, EU and most of the western world. TaxDome meets and exceeds ESIGN Act & UETA security measures. Learn more about TaxDome data security policies.

TaxDome is the best electronic signature software

Sign from any device

Provide an excellent client experience and allow your clients to sign documents from any device.

TaxDome offers legally binding electronic signatures using mobile app

Automated e-signatures

Reduce admin time and focus on billable hours by using templates to automate e-signature requests for commonly requested forms (i.e 8879, 8821, 2848).

TaxDome includes tax form electronic signature

Streamlined signature requests

Print directly from your tax program to TaxDome form and request signatures within the same window. With a streamlined e-signing process, your team can focus on real work, not paperwork.

TaxDome replaces adobe acrobat electronic signature

Multiple signers

Request signatures from one or more individuals. Documents can be easily signed by married couples, business associates and more. TaxDome includes unlimited e-signatures with every plan.

TaxDome is electronic signature document app

Audit trail

Affixed to each TaxDome document is a non-editable audit trail to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped.

TaxDome includes audit trail for irs 2848 electronic signature

White-glove Support &
Training Sessions Included

Personalized support and screen-sharing onboarding sessions at no extra cost for all clients and trial users.

  • Knowledge base
  • Webinars
  • Community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support*
  • Free advanced team training*

Available in the Pro plan.

TaxDome is the best project management system with free support and training sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many signatures am I allowed per month?

    TaxDome offers unlimited e-signatures—with no extra or hidden costs.
  • Is e-signature valid for IRS purposes?

    Yes — TaxDome fully meets IRS requirements for e-signatures. We provide knowledge-based authentication (KBA), which is required for IRS Form 8879.
  • Does the e-signature have the ability to set up templates?

    Yes, you can set up templates with predefined fields (signature, date, etc) and reuse it in seconds.
  • Can more than one person sign a document?

    Yes, you can have more than one person sign documents. Unlimited e-signatures are included.
  • If spouses share the same email address, is it possible for them to sign a document?

    Each person should have a separate email, which is for required security verification. You can link both spouses to one account, they will be prompted to sign the document.
  • How do I know when my document is signed?

    After sending a document for electronic signature, you can view real-time status updates throughout the entire signing process via the TaxDome dashboard. Once documents are signed, you will receive notifications.
  • What document formats does TaxDome e-signatures support?

    With TaxDome e-signatures, you can upload and e-sign documents in PDF format.
  • Can I cancel e-signature requests?

    Yes, if you mistakenly sent a signature request, you can cancel it.
  • Are unlimited e-signatures included in every subscription?

    Yes, unlimited e-signatures are available on every pricing plan.