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Email Sync

Replies, Forwards, CC’s and BCC’s, emails can pile up quickly
in today’s digital age. This is particularly true if you are
a business owner managing multiple clients. TaxDome’s Email
Sync feature allows you to avoid inbox clutter and streamline
your communications, with your clients and with your staff.

Shared mailbox

Sync your existing email & seamlessly manage 1000s of emails and never drop the ball again.

No need to be cc’ed on emails anymore. Each client profile automatically shows all emails to and from the client to any member of your staff. If a team member falls ill or leaves the firm, you can still pick up right where they left off and reassign work.

Stay organized

If clients e-mail you files, save directly to the client profile as if they uploaded it themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sync my whole email history with TaxDome?

    Yep! All email history with your contacts will be pulled in automatically. When you view a client account on TaxDome, prior correspondence between your team and the client will automatically populate.
  • When I create an email in Outlook, does it go to TaxDome?

    Yes, everything you do on Outlook, Gmail, or other email providers will be synced with TaxDome.
  • If an email is sent from TaxDome, will a copy be sent to Outlook or other email providers?

    Yes, TaxDome works as a front end for email. But instead of overwhelming you with emails in a single inbox, it organizes them by client account.
  • Will all of my emails go through TaxDome or just emails TaxDome recognizes as being from clients?

    The latter. When the email-sync toggle is turned on, you’ll be able to see everything in the email section and in Inbox+ (the smart notification center).
  • I have a couple of clients in my networking group and don’t need the emails for them in their TaxDome accounts.

    We have a “mute” button so that any emails that are not relevant won’t show up in the client email history.
  • How can I see all emails from both parties of a married couple in one account if they use multiple email addresses?

    You can have both members of the married couple under one account. If each person has two email addresses, you can include all four email accounts under the client account. You turn on the toggle for each email address that you want them to be able to use for logging in, getting notifications, and receiving email.
  • Can I use TaxDome to email?

    Definitely. You can send an email directly from an account. And all those emails will be automated within a pipeline.
  • Can I send bulk emails?

    Sure. Go to the client list, filter the clients (you can use tags to make it faster), bulk select the clients, then send the email.
  • Can I customize email templates sent to clients?

    Sure thing, emails are fully customizable and include full HTML editing. And, because of the automation capabilities, specific emails can be sent to clients at exactly when they need to be. For example, as soon as you start work on a client’s return, you can have a customized template «We’ve begun working on your return» sent to them automatically.
  • Can I set up a date when an email needs to be sent?

    Not yet, but scheduling emails and messages is currently on our feature-request board, and we promise to get around to it.

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