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Referral Program

Refer your peers & get 2 free user-months. Your peers will get one user-month, too!

At TaxDome, we want tax and accounting firms to experience the benefits of improving their practice, just like you have. We could spend our marketing budget on ads, but we’d rather promote our own community.

Introduce TaxDome to your peers, and receive 2 TaxDome user-months added to your license.

I didn’t want to cobb five software tools together. TaxDome allowed me to have everything in one place.

Amanda Kendall

from Elevating Profits, EA

How it works

  • Login to your TaxDome account and click Refer and Save in the upper right corner
  • Click on the «Copy link» button to copy your personal referral link, or click «Customize link» to personalize it.
  • Share the link with your friends and peers. Once they subscribe to TaxDome, 2 months will be added to your license.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can refer friends?

    Any current TaxDome client or trial user can share their referral links.
  • Where can I get my referral link?

    When you sign up with TaxDome, a unique referral link is created for you and you can always find it by clicking the star icon in your TaxDome account.
  • Can I change my referral link?

    Yes, click the star icon in your TaxDome portal and choose to customize your link. Please note that when you change your link, your old link will become inactive and you will no longer be rewarded if anyone clicks it.
  • What is the criteria for an eligible referral?

    A successful referral must be a tax or financial firm that is not currently using TaxDome.
  • If I refer a friend during my free trial, how can I get rewarded?

    Once you buy your license, free user-months will be added to your account automatically.
  • How many free user-months can I get

    There is no limit. If 10 practitioners buy a license using your referral link, you get 2 months for each of them = 20 free user-months. You can share the link an unlimited number of times.
  • When will I get my reward?

    As soon as your peers become paying TaxDome clients, your license will be extended automatically. The whole process may take up to 2 weeks. If you think you didn’t get a reward, please reach out to our success team.
  • Is there any way to track the status of my referrals?

    Sure, go to and sign in with your TaxDome login email to track the status of your referrals.