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Team Management

Whether you are a team of 5 or 500 managing team members
can be extremely time-consuming without the right tools.
TaxDome provides a simple way to keep everyone focused and
productive at all times.

Client privacy

Keep information on a need-to-know-basis & easily limit the information certain team members have access to.

If you hire seasonal staff, do you want them to have access to all clients and documents in your practice?

Audit trail

Access an audit trail of every document. You will know if and when your document was opened, modified and by which user.

Improve your income

Directly improve your revenue by keeping track of statistics related to the productivity of each team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add my employees on my TaxDome account?

    Sure. As a firm owner, you decide which clients they will work with and what access rights they need to have.
  • Can a staff member log in and view all of their outstanding tasks for all clients in one spot?

    Yes. They’ll have access to TaxDome’s notification center (called Inbox+) with all tasks, clients emails, and messages in one place.
  • Is there a way to add internal security for team members?

    We have an access rights section, where you can expand or limit what each team member sees.
  • How can my staff members communicate with one another about clients before responding to them? Do you have something similar to Slack or Teams?

    Yes, you can leave notes within Jobs, Tasks, or client notes. We are working on adding a @Mentions feature, so you can tag each other, but that is not yet available.
  • Can I assign tasks to specific team members?

    Definitely. All tasks can be assigned to one or several team members—or none at all.

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