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Invoices & Payments

It’s time to get smarter with your invoicing. The way that
you handle billing and payments is vital for the success of your
business. Ensure you always get paid & forget accounts
receivable, forget manual reconciliation.

Accept credit cards & ACH

Accept credit card and ACH payments directly through TaxDome with fully integrated secure payment processing. Your clients can pay you anytime, anywhere.

Eliminate the concept of accounts receivable by locking client files to specific invoices. The files will only become unlocked after the client has submitted the required payment.

Integrate with accounting

Effortless integration with QuickBooks. XERO integration coming soon.

Multiple currencies available (USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, GBP).

Lock documents to invoices

Reduce accounts receivable & ensure you get paid for your great work. You have the option to lock documents to invoices, automatically unlocking as soon as the invoice is paid.

Push notifications to your clients

Your clients will receive push notifications when their invoices are ready to be paid.

Payment Integrations:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does billing integrate with invoices sent through QuickBooks Online?

    Only invoices made through TaxDome are synced.
  • Can you accept payments to TaxDome?

    Definitely. You can create invoices on TaxDome and accept payment as well. We use two vendors: Stripe and CPACharge (we’ll be adding more), and an integration with QuickBooks Online. When you create a invoice, it automatically flows to QuickBooks Online. Your client pays you from their portal.
  • Are there any fees associated with invoice payments?

    We use two vendors: Stripe and CPACharge. Fees differ depending on which one you choose and the country. For more details, visit our help article.
  • Is a invoice paid by EFT or credit card automatically synced, as with QuickBooks Online?

    For now, we accept both credit and debit cards. But ACH is already in our development pipeline.
  • Can I disable the billing module if I prefer to use a different system?

    Yes, you can easily hide the billing options so that your clients don’t have to pay you through TaxDome. For more details, go to our help center.
  • Is there an additional fee to invoice and receive payments from clients?

    No, we don’t charge any fees. Your subscription to TaxDome comes with unlimited billing, e-signing, storage, and capacity for contacts and clients.

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