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How does TaxDome compare with SmartVault?

TaxDome is an all-in-one practice solution for tax and accounting firms. An important part of our product offering is secure document storage. Because document storage and exchange is something that most firms start using as a ‘super basic client portal’, we are sometimes asked ‘How does TaxDome compare with SmartVault?’

This post is not your traditional feature vs feature type of comparison (although we will get that out of the way too). Rather, the goal here is to provide an insight into the philosophy behind each product.

Smartvault offers only cloud-based storage, whereas TaxDome storage is just one part of the all-in-one offering which delivers efficient practice management.
  • I was struggling to find a one-stop solution that allowed all parts of my tax preparation process to happen within one software. SmartValut and ShareFile are simple file-sharing and client portal programs that don’t offer digital organizers or billing, and TaxDome allows that to happen.

    Dane Janas

    Enrolled Agent from Boundless Tax

  • We only need to log into two programs instead of five or six. TaxDome keeps our practice organized so nothing is missed, and everything is in one platform: billing, tax docs, communication with clients, and soon an appointment calendar. And they are constantly improving the software.

    Greg Bayramian

    Enrolled Agent

Company Positioning /
Philosophy of TaxDome and SmartVault

SmartVault is a cloud-based document management and storage platform. It was initially built over 10 years ago and the level of its usability remains somewhere in the 2010s (we can be biased, but their app users not).

It claims to surround you with modern workflows, client portal, and mobile apps but you end up using a bunch of new tools because it doesn’t provide essential built-in features but supports various integrations (which you have to pay for separately). It is good enough only if your business is sending files back and forth.

TaxDome was built to be the one system you use to run your practice. It includes built-in features for project management, file-sharing, e-signing documents, communicating with your clients and integrations with Zapier, QuickBooks Online and your favorite tax programs. All at one fair price.

SmartVault can be thought of as a great flat head screwdriver while TaxDome is a professional screwdriver set.

The best part — TaxDome will deliver oodles more value at the SmartVault monthly price.

Prices on for the same functionality increase every year, while TaxDome’s pricing plans offer better value for money and are also without hidden fees or additional charges.

TaxDome vs SmartVault Reviews

SmartVault has 113 reviews on Capterra.

TaxDome has over 2,700 reviews on Capterra with an average score of 4.7/5.

2,700+ 113

TaxDome vs SmartVault Pricing


TaxDome offers two pricing plans  — AU$50 per month per user for growing firms and AU$25 per month for solopreneurs with unlimited storage, clients, e-signatures and free training.

annual (approx.price)

SmartVault has a number of plans, and one of them is specifically for accountants. This plan costs AU$80 (for 2 minimum users). You will be limited by 500 GB Storage and pay extra for e-signatures (via DocuSign).

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