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Client Portal & Mobile App That Your Clients Will Love

Easy to use custom-branded accounting client portal software for secure communication, document sharing, e-signature, invoicing & more.

  • Our clients have found TaxDome very easy to use. We included a link to our TaxDome portal on our website, and clients go there and set up their own account by registering. It saves a lot of time! We don’t have to help them with the sign-up process.

    Samy Basta

    CPA, founder of Basta & Company

  • We’ve only gotten positive feedback from clients. Generally clients don’t talk about portals, so having people talk positively about it is welcome.

    Shane Mason

    CPA, co-founder of Brooklyn FI

  • The client tax portal market is a crowded space, but TaxDome is legitimately creating a product that stands apart from the rest of the competition in one way or another.

    Dane Janas

    Enrolled Agent from Boundless Tax

Most CPAs are not happy with their client portal. TaxDome users are.

Over 400 CPAs surveyed

Your Clients’ User Experience Is Paramount

We are laser focused on the user experience of your clients. Stand out from the competition by providing your clients a high-end, easy-to-use web and mobile experience they expect. By having clients access their information online, your firm can streamline operations, saving you time.

Fully Custom Branded

Client portal & all communications between you & clients are fully white-labeled. You can custom brand your login page, automated emails, and even your URL. If you don’t have a website, we also offer website building & hosting services, all included at no extra fee.

Use your branded login page to fully automate new client onboarding from the welcome email to signing contract to obtaining documents and sending automated reminders.

Automate New Client Onboarding

Use your branded login page to fully automate new client onboarding from the welcome email to signing contracts to obtaining documents and sending automated reminders.

Share and sign documents electronically

Your clients can scan, upload, approve and e-sign documents within a single hub—accessible from desktop or mobile (Android or iOS).

Forget the "print out this PDF and mail it back to me" era and blurred pictures your clients send. Only high-quality scans and a smooth user experience. Unlimited e-signatures, secure document sharing, and storage are included.

Obtain client data painlessly

Get information from clients faster with task lists and organizers that your clients will actually complete. Simple file upload and questionnaire forms will allow your clients to share data with you from the comfort of their home or mobile device.

Get client data without actually participating in this process. A fully automated and customizable system will request files and organizers without you doing it manually and remind forgetful clients to complete your tasks.

Secure messages with client tasks

Transform the way you communicate with clients. Utilizing secure messages is as easy as texting via SMS or WhatsApp, but fully IRS-compliant and incorporated into your CRM and Practice Management System.

Request sensitive data safely with easy-to-use client tasks. Your clients will always be aware of what you need from them, and everything they send or upload will be tied to their account.

Automated workflow & predictable outcome

Simple notifications and tasks help clients share files, sign documents and pay your bills faster. Automated reminders make sure they complete it without you lifting a finger.

Schedule automated messages, bills and reminders to get rid of manual work and get predictable outcomes. For example, send the list of tasks with the bill to bookkeeping clients at the beginning of each month.

Easy and secure access

One-click activation for your clients. Click, create a password — that’s it.

Two-factor and biometric authentications provide your team and clients with data safeguards.

One login, flexible notifications

Make it easier for clients to do business with you. Busy clients can have one email to log in and toggle between their various accounts (personal, business1, business 2, etc).

For family accounts, you can easily manage who will get email notifications, have portal access, etc.

Dedicated help

Your clients have their own help area with video tutorials and instructions on how to pay bills, sign documents, etc.

White-glove Support &
Training Sessions Included

Personalized support and screen-sharing onboarding sessions at no extra cost for all clients and trial users.

  • Knowledge base
  • Webinars
  • Community
  • Screen-sharing
  • Premium support*
  • Free advanced team training*

Available in the Pro plan.

TaxDome is the best project management system with free support and training sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy will it be for my clients to use TaxDome’s client portal?

    The portal is intuitive and super easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech savvy. Clients will see a to-do list with tasks you want them to complete. They click on each task to do it—whether it’s filling out an organizer or signing a document. We provide loads of help guides and videos, but, of course, we cannot provide support for them as we do with you.
  • How will my clients register on the portal?

    Once you’ve imported your client base to your TaxDome account, you send them an invitation link. Using the link, clients create a password and log in.
  • How can I communicate with clients through the portal?

    TaxDome has email as well as message threads. When you sync your business or personal email to TaxDome, email from clients goes to their individual accounts, so that you won’t need to sort through them manually to find one. To share sensitive data, we suggest using our secure message threads which are fully mobile-friendly and also send push notifications to your clients’ smartphones.
  • Can a married couple have mutual access to an account?

    Yes, every account can have more than one person with their own login and access.
  • How many accounts can one client have in case they have separate businesses?

    You can create as many accounts as your clients need to manage their businesses. Your clients don’t have to remember multiple passwords to access their accounts. They’ll need to remember only one login and password, and then can easily switch between their accounts.
  • Can my clients use a mobile app to complete an organizer?

    Definitely! They can use both the mobile app and web portal to fill in organizers, sign documents, communicate with you, and pay bills.
  • How will my clients share files?

    Uploading documents for your clients is easy. They are able to upload via the web browser or on their mobile app. In addition, the mobile app has a built-in scanner that allows your clients to upload high-resolution PDFs. You can also send your clients a secure link to upload files that won’t require logging in.
  • Can my clients create folders in their file vault?

    Yes, they can organize their files in their accounts.
  • When I upload a doc for a client, will TaxDome send an automated email notifying them that the doc is available?

    Definitely. If you want an automatic email to go out, turn on the notifications toggle.
  • Can my clients scan documents or save them as PDFs?

    Yes, your client can scan right on their portal. If it’s a jpeg, it creates a pdf for it.
  • Can I change the TaxDome label and URL to my own?

    Sure, you can fully customize your portal, including the URL and your brand logo.
  • Will my clients see TaxDome or my firm’s name?

    They’ll see your logo and the firm’s name. All messages will come from your firm, the branding inside the application is your firm’s. The mobile app, however, has a TaxDome label because app stores require an app name and logo for each one that is released, and it can’t be changed.

TaxDome is the official partner of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).